Warrior Goddess Training: From Head to Toes

I love sassy, free, vibrant women. Women who know what they want. Women who are willing to be vulnerable. Women who love themselves as they are, with no apologies. Women who honor, respect, support, and cherish themselves. Women who can look you in the eye and apologize when they’ve made a mistake. Women who shine their unique light into the world. Women who aren’t afraid to be exactly who they are meant to be.

It saddens me that it is rare to find a woman who passionately loves herself. It saddens me how we so often hate our bodies, how we disrespect ourselves by putting everyone else before and above us, and how we constantly compare ourselves to others, or to an idealized image of who we think we should be. It saddens me that so many of us say we are sorry when someone steps on our  toe, and get habituated to apologizing for our very existence.

That’s why I created Warrior Goddess Training. Thanks to the many people who mentored, loved, and mirrored my worth over the years I am now a woman I wish I had at my side when I was a little girl, or who could have been there to council me as I stepped into becoming a young adult. I’m a woman who loves, respects, and supports herself, even when I make mistakes or the going gets rough. I am a warrior of the heart and a goddess of the truth. I’m a woman who is okay with being perfectly imperfect. And I’m a woman who wants to share this bounty with as many other women as possible.

I want to help create a world where women own their power, strength, and focus and nourish their creativity, wisdom, and radiance. I want to look you in the eye, heart to heart, and see the fire of your warrior goddess courage burning brightly.

I want to support a world-wide women’s inner revolution.

Every revolution needs a manifesto, and Warrior Goddess Training is one such guide for reclaiming all of you, from head to toes.

But Warrior Goddess Training is more than just a book. It is a movement that is happening right now, all across the globe. As I write in the introduction:

“All around the world, women are stepping forward to invite back their authentic, creative, wonderfully unique selves. We are shedding the old, faded clothes of war, domination, competition, jealousy, and repression. We are rising like the sun, shining big and bright as the full moon. We are saying yes to the power of fierce love, compassion, constant authenticity, and vulnerability. These are the attributes of our warrior focus and our goddess joy.”

So I invite you to come dance with me into a new future. As I share in Warrior Goddess Training, I’m on this path with you. I do not pretend to be enlightened, spiritually advanced, or complete in my learning. I consider myself a determined Warrior and a sassy Goddess, a fabulous work in progress. I’m a woman, like you, learning, growing, laughing, and crying. I make mistakes. I get caught in fear and self-doubt. I still take things personally. Sometimes I feel invincible, sometimes I feel fragile and vulnerable. I honor and cherish all these parts of myself—even the ones I don’t like so much. I hope that by sharing my own journey, and the journey of other women on their warrior goddess path, through blogging, Facebook, events, and the Warrior Goddess Training book you will also learn to love your mistakes, laugh at your fears, have faith in yourself, and know the rich support of your sisters.