April 27th, 2016

The travel gypsy reveals her secrets

How do I do it, you ask? Let me tell (and show) you how

So far this year I have been on the road 53 days and visited three countries and six different states, with much much more travel coming up. I’m writing this post from my friend Emily’s house in Teotihuacan, Mexico. In the coming months I’ll be heading to Colorado (twice!), Northern California, Houston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Mexico, Florida, and doing a retreat in Wimberley TX.

How do I do it?

I love traveling. I love airports. I love hotel rooms. I love meeting new people and seeing old friends.

Things I don’t love so much: the challenge of finding food I can eat, getting sick, no hot water.

Over the years I’ve found some tricks that really help me to stay grounded and present.

There are also two products I ALWAYS carry with me that I want to share with you, because I love and believe in them so much and think EVERYONE should carry them, too. Check them out below.

So for you adventurers, travelers, or gypsies, read on!

HeatherAsh’s list of travel support and wacky tips:

– To bring home with me I always bring a little bar of soap that I love; a portable altar with a little statue or picture; good books (yup I lug real paper books with me everywhere I go); and tea, lots of my favorite teas (rooibos, roasted dandelion, decaf earl grey)

– When I travel I always carry a shawl or large scarf; perfect for the cold, or a makeshift pillow, or a blanket if I get stuck in an airport, or padding on cold floors….

– Food! I make sure to carry nutritious snacks (currently my favs are Epic bison bars and Kind bars with chocolate and sea salt) and powdered green drinks and protein powders (currently Green Vibrance and Sun Warrior)

the-travel-gypsy-reveals-her-secrets– Computer! I have a super lightweight Macbook Air which is connected to my google drive so I always have everything I write backed up. That way if I am traveling in a foreign country with no wifi I can always find an internet cafe or use the hotel computer and I’m ready to go. I also use google mail offline, which allows me to catch up on email even when I’m not connected. I often answer emails on long plane rides and then everything gets sent when I land and have wifi access.

– Whenever I take off on a plane I always say goodbye to the place I am leaving (literally, out loud: bye bye Austin! bye bye Mexico! bye bye Sacramento!) and bless and thank everyone who has touched me. I also let go of where I have been completely, imagining I am never coming back.

– Whenever I land at a new place, or back home, I always say “hello!” And get clear about what my focus is for my time there. Since I’ve released where I’ve been i can now show up fully in this new place and see what gifts are here for me, and what gifts I have to share.

And I am luckily to live with a fabulous woman who is not only my sister but also my partner in business and the caretaker of my plants. Thanks, Christy!

And two hand-made products I think everyone should have

I’m a big supporter of consciously made, handmade with love products. And these two are from people I know and respect who have created products that I use every single day. They are super important for different reasons, and great whether you are a constant adventurer or a stay-at-home wizard.

Solace Mist Clearing Spray
I met Michelle at East West Bookshop in Mountain View last year at a book talk. Afterwards she gave me a sample of one of her Solace Mist sprays. From the moment I smelled the scent and felt the clearing power of the magic inside this little blue bottle I was hooked. I use it during transitions: after I get off a plane, before and after I teach, before bed; anytime I want to clear and reset my energy, or the energy of a space I am in. The smell is divine AND it is a powerful clearing tool. I’ve sprayed Solace Mist Clearing on many a person and the reaction is universal: Aaahhh! Smile.

From her website: “Are you sensitive or empathic and work with people? Some people leave lingering energy which may disrupt your concentration or leave you on edge. Use our smokeless smudge spray in these situations to rest your energy and put it on a more positive note.”

Order your own Clearing Spray here

Primal Derma: Super Skin Care
My friend Matthew lives in Harlem where he cooks up big vats of a super healing potion and puts them into little jars that he ships all over the place. Primal Derma is the best product I’ve found for my skin: I use it everyday on my hands and lips, and it is great for blisters, small cuts and scrapes, and anyplace that is dry and needs some extra nutrition (elbows! feet! knees!). The secret is something our ancestors have known about for thousands of years: we are mammals, so the most bio-identical and absorbable skincare comes not from plants, but from animals. Primal Derma is made from happy, grass fed cow tallow and essential oils.  I know it can sound gross, but just try and it and you’ll see. And seriously, if you think about it petroleum, which so many skin care products are based from, is super gross. And toxic. So try something pure and see the difference. From the website: “Primal Derma is like the Swiss Army Knife of skin care.” I agree!


And a bonus: Check out Primal Derma’s Anti-Dry Skin Manual. Super cool. http://www.primalderma.com/anti-dry-skin

Have more tips? Share below!