September 2nd, 2018

Travel Date, Day 52 update

Travel Date, Day 52; Star Date September 2, 2018

How do you know when something is a warning versus an obstacle to overcome? This was my pondering at midnight a few nights ago as I switched out the hitch on my truck.

All week I had been in a not unfamiliar Libra spin: a choice between two things and not knowing which one to pick. In this case the choice was between moving my Airstream and all my belongs to Santa Fe, NM (the original plan) or staying in Woodstock, NY (where I have spent the summer). In my time living in my Airstream in different areas of the Catskills I’d fallen more deeply in love with Woodstock’s trees, mountains, creeks, and people.

Should I stay or should I go?

So I prayed, and dreamt on it, and talked to friends. Which brought not much more clarity. I made the agreement with myself that I would listen to my intuition and be open to any messages, and that I could decide to stay at any time.

As a backup I rented an airbnb in Woodstock for two weeks in October, figuring if I did move to Santa Fe I could come back to spend time with my new publisher, my agent, and a friend who is helping me write my next book who are all in the NY area. That felt good. Okay, decision was made: I was going to bring everything to Santa Fe, but plan to spend parts of October and December in New York.

Departure date: Friday, August 31. On the evening of Thursday, August 30 I misplaced my truck key. Two hours of searching did not unearth it, so I went to bed, figuring I’d find it in the morning. When I woke up I remembered I had a spare key in my suitcase that someone had made for me.

And then the friend who was helping me pack called to let me know his car kept breaking down. I headed to my truck to go pick him up, only to find my truck wouldn’t start.


After another couple of hours trying to get the truck started the tow truck arrived. The driver immediately asked me, “Do you have the original key? It has a chip in it and this may be why your truck is not starting.”

“But I’ve used this key before!” I responded. But just to make sure, while my truck was towed to the Toyota dealer in the next town, my friend (whose car was now working) and I went to my storage unit to get the extra “real” key.

And tada, it worked!

But the story was not over. More obstacles to come.

We packed up my truck, tarped the load, and I hugged my friend goodbye.

And that is when I discovered that the motor that raises and lowers my hitch was not working. With a little sleuthing I realized that when my friend and I had swapped out my bad batteries we had hooked up the motor to the negative instead of the positive terminal. Easy fix. Onward.

But, no. One more obstacle presented itself with a smile to me.

When I lowered the trailer onto the hitch the added weight in the truck (12 boxes of books and various altar boxes….) caused the bottom of my huge, heavy-duty hitch to literally hit the ground.


At this point, I stopped everything and took a deep breath.

Was I not supposed to be leaving?

Were all these issues spirit’s way of telling me to leave the Airstream in Woodstock and fly to Santa Fe for my workshop?

Here I was, all packed and ready to go, but I wasn’t willing to force something that wasn’t supposed to happen.

If I was going to go, I would obviously need a new hitch.

“Okay, spirit. If you want me to not drive the Airstream to New Mexico you need to give me one more sign. Otherwise, I’m going to buy a new hitch and see if that works.”

I drove to U-Haul, bought two different types of hitches just to be on the safe side, then went to a movie and tea with friends.

So there I was after leaving their house, at midnight, switching out my hitch. And YES it worked!!!!

Two days into my journey I’ve had to laugh at all the delays. But the beauty is that at each step it invited me to get quiet, listen, clear out any emotion, and move forward without forcing.

Bye, bye Woodstock, see you again soon! Here I come, Santa Fe! #warriorgoddess #persistence