Things We Don't Talk About Part 4: Abortion

Things We Don’t Talk About Part 4: Abortion

I was 22 years old when I stood in the bathroom, wishing the pink line did not clearly state the news I didn’t want to believe.

At that time I had just graduated from college and I was in love with a gorgeous, smart, funny man of Irish descent, running an alternative newspaper, managing the Experimental College at UC Davis which offered alternative classes to students and the public, performing around town with a Congolese drum group, and just starting to teach small groups of women. I was also facing the large amount of baggage and unresolved emotions I’d been dragging around from my childhood. It was a beautiful, messy, emotional, creative, expanding time.

And then I found out I was pregnant.

As a writer even then, I documented my journey through my journal. Below is that journey, re-typed 26 years after my words were published, followed by one more entry from a few days ago. 

Do I regret my choice to have an abortion? Read on.

This article was originally published in Matrix Magazine, November 1991

Things We Don't Talk About Part 4: AbortionA Journey Alone to Myself: Journal Pages from An Abortion

While the political battle over abortion rights escalates and pro-choice and anti-abortionists continue to angrily argue theory in the streets few people speak openly about their own experience and personal reasons for choosing abortion. When I became pregnant two years ago I was forced to honestly scrutinize my life and decide what I truly wanted for myself. This is my own personal and spiritual story of pregnancy and abortion.

October 11, 1989

I don’t want to believe it but it is true, it is true. I am pregnant. I have been feeling sick for the last three weeks, but kept thinking it was the flu. After rushing around for so long in my external world of school and work and scheduling too many things at once, suddenly I have been thrown back into myself. The rush, demands of the external world have faded and I am suddenly deep inside of myself, questioning, listening. Do I feel ready to have a child?

I’ve spent so many hours talking with friends, talking with Tom. He will support me in whatever decision I make. “It is our child, but it is your body, so I think you should have the final decision.” Last night I went over to a friend’s house and cried and talked with her for a long time. She saiid, “If you sincerely wanted to you could bring this child into the world. You are a strong woman. It would be very difficult. I think the main thing is to ask yourself: Are you really ready to have a child, to devote your life to someone else, to immerse yourself in nurturing another being?”

I am not ready for these things. My own healing process, the beginning of reclaiming my spirit, of discovering who I am rather than who everyone wants me to be, is so fragile, so new. I want to nurture myself, strengthen myself. How can I raise a healthy child without truly knowing who I am? I have so much to learn, so much to explore.

Under a great-grandmother of an oak tree on a still summer night I met the spirit of this child growing inside of me. A friend talked me through this trance journey, and I went down a hole in a oak tree, deep down until I could feel his spirit. He was such a strong presence, and I cried and told him: I am not ready to have a child. I am not ready.” Despite my pain and uncertainly I was filled with a sense of peace, and knew in my bones he does not feel the need to be born through me. He says, “Do not worry about me, Heather.” And I sense that he is ancient, I sense the power of his spirit, his autonomy. And I know that I must choose to live for myself, to find my own power. This is the only thing he asks of me, to be true to myself. The cells of a potential human are growing inside of me, but the spirit, the soul of that being is not attached yet, and I could gently feel him leaving my body, feel his compassion for my struggle.

I have decided to have an abortion. I am scheduled to go in on October 27. I don’t want to wait that long, and to be dependent on someone I don’t know to perform the abortion. I wish I had the knowledge of my ancestors about abortive herbs, that I had control over carrying through with my decision.

October 23, 1989

Last night I went to a Davis City Council meeting with a group of people to support the council’s proposal to name Davis a pro-choice city. There I was, six weeks pregnant with my abortion scheduled in four days, surrounded by many anti-abortionists. I vacillated between wanting to say to the crowd, “Hey, I’m six weeks pregnant and I’m going to have an abortion, what do you think about that?” and feeling so protective of my body.

I argued with them in my head, running through my political reasons for believing women have the right to decide for themselves about abortion. But for me it comes down to this: I am not ready to have a child. I don’t even know who I am. In the end I am the only one who can make this decision. The anti-abortionists may have my best interests in mind; I know many of them care deeply about the life within me. Yet I am responsible for myself and this child. Ultimately my body belongs to me, and the fetus within me is part of my body. The decision must rest with me and my knowledge of myself. No one else understands my struggles, my dreams, my pain.

November 2, 1989

It has been a week since my abortion. After many days of feeling so nauseous that I could only nibble on Saltine crackers I am finally beginning to feel like myself again. I feared before the abortion that the sickness would go away and I would begin to enjoy being pregnant, and find myself torn again over my decision. And two days before the abortion I woke up filled with a kind of radiance, fullness. How to explain it? I know many pregnant women  have felt this, the incredible wonder and awe at having a human being growing within one’s body. And while I had feared this joy, afraid that it would make it even more difficult to go ahead with the abortion, I was able to welcome it. To allow myself feel a glimmer of the fullness of a truly wanted pregnancy. Even this did not change my truth, my emotional inability to have and sustain a child.

I found myself filled with both radiant joy and incredible sorrow that I am unable to have a child right now. From this I learned that I can hold such vastly different emotions at once; the joy of life within’s one body and the grief of death. And while I mourned having to let go of potential life, I am so grateful not to be pregnant anymore.

The abortion itself wasn’t as difficult or painful as I anticipated. Tom held one of my hands, a woman from the clinic held the other and reminded me to keep breathing. Afterwards I asked to look at the embryo, and was allowed to see the brilliant strawberry jam-red lining of my uterus, with a tiny, flat sac the size of my pinkie finger. It looked completely empty, but somewhere there still naked to the human eye was the potential for a child. What an inspiring thing! My body actually has the ability to create new life. I can take the incredible energy that went towards the growth of this child and channel it into my own growth, my own healing.

November 14, 1989

After I went through my own abortion I fully understood the possibility of losing the legal right to have one. I believe in the sacredness of a woman’s right to choose. It is nightmarish to imagine women forced to have children they do not want because abortion is illegal, or to think about the many women who would die during illegal abortions. Each person has a right to choose their own morality. This right ends when it interferes with another person’s right to freedom and happiness. I will not allow anyone to dictate what is best for me. 

Ultimately, only I can decide my own fate, and the fate of the cluster of cells that was growing inside of me and was part of me. A fetus within a woman cannot survive on its own — it is an intimate and completely dependent part of her being.  I alone have the sovereign right over my being. Only each individual woman knows if she is ready to nurture, feed, teach, and protect another human being intensely for the next 20 years. Who else can make that decision for her?

I know I made the right decision. Though sometimes I fear, will I regret this in  two months? In two years?

July 29, 1990

When I choose to end my pregnancy eight months ago I made a commitment to myself, to my own emotional and spiritual development. A journey towards myself. Since I was 15 I have been in a romantic relationship, always leaning on someone else to define who I am, what I want. Now that Tom has moved to New Mexico I need to learn to rely on myself, to set my own goals and determine my own values. I am terrified at the thought, and excited. I am so used to relying on others to fill in who I am, what they want me to be. But I want to discover my true core, to see what comes from within me, to let the self I thought I was die, to see what remains after I clear the ashes away.

August 21, 1991

It has been almost exactly two years since Tom and I conceived, and today I am sitting on the hard found in front of the pear tree we planted after our abortion. So many thoughts run through my head. It is now August, the month my first child was conceived. A child conceived in the fire of Leo. We named him Colm.

As I sit here and water the tree and watch the sun cast a glow on the mountains to the west, the spirit of Colm is so tangible I can almost see him smiling, walking towards me through the tall blonde grass. When I think about my spirit child, it is often with a mixture of great joy and some sadness, with no regret. He has taught me many things — how to love intensely and let go, how to acknowledge the importance of death, what it feels like to have a being in one’s body, the fullness of pregnancy. And each day I am thankful for his spirit and my freedom, the space that I have in my life to heal and grow into my full inner power an nurture the things that are important to me: my art, drumming, writing.

I am frightened by the news regarding the erosion of abortion rights, by the thought of Bush nominating a new Supreme Court judge who is not pro-choice, by the diminishing rights for safe and legal abortion in some states. It seems so ludicrous, yet it is happening. It is now illegal for federally funded family planning clinics to even mention abortion. What happened to freedom of speech, how can this be happening? What can we do to stop it? We need to gather together to share our experiences, to draw strength from each other, and to fight our inalienable right to make our own decisions about our bodies.

October 2, 1991  

Today B. (the 14-moth old child I babysit) and I lay on the floor laughing at each other. He looks at me, grins mischievously and then throws himself on me, laughing and laughing. At times he looks so solemn and serious, especially around strangers, and now he shines, so alive and silly, and we are enjoying being silly together. As I look at his little fingers, at his smile filled with a handful of tiny teeth, I think about Colm, who would be nearly the same age as B. It strikes me so strongly — I could have a child this age. It has been almost two yeas since my abortion — do I regret it? I look into his blue child-innocent eyes, the sleepy smile under his tiny nose and think to myself: Was it the right decision?

And as I walk home alone, I know it was.

April 8, 2016

Who would I be today if I had chosen to birth a child? I would have been a 23-year old mother who had just started her spiritual and healing path. Today I’m a 49-year old pre-menopausal goddess who feels no regret or guilt around my decision, just gratitude for the choice and support I had. I am deeply content with my life, with the freedom I have, with the beauty of living my dreams and birthing books. They are my children, and I am so happy to feed and nourish them and share them with the world. 

Whatever our choices are, they are simply a choice; I don’t believe there is a right or wrong. I have no doubt that having a child would have been incredibly rich, powerful, and expanding. But I did not choose that path, so that possibility line collapsed, opening up other doors in my life. 

My prayer today is that all woman may have a choice of if, when, and how they want to birth children. It is incredulous to me that in our “modern” country women’s reproductive rights are still being threatened.

My prayer is that abortion or adoption or creative parenting options will always be open for women, along with tons of support and praise and honor for women who choose to have children. What we need is more conscious, loving, kiss-ass mothers: mamas of children, mamas of art, mamas of books, mamas of other people’s children, mamas of the earth, mamas of creativity. And fathers who also parent consciously and are papas to their children, papas to their spiritual path, papas to their vision, fathers for healing. There is so much to be parented and guided and loved fiercely; starting with ourselves and rippling out to everything we birth. May it all be in beauty, without regrets, and with full, present participation.

There is no right or wrong, only choice. May we all choose well in spreading our mama / papa love balm wherever it is most needed, over and over again.

Below is a video from my drum troupe in 1991 or so at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis CA; I’m the one with the one bouncing around with the short hair and and pink shirt!

21 thoughts on “Things We Don’t Talk About Part 4: Abortion

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I had an abortion for similar reasons and many more. I don’t regret it although many in society would like us to carry a lifetime of guilt for it. It’s not something I feel I can talk about – but it is so important to fully process the decision. My unborn child shared that it was part of his experience, so I take comfort in that and your sharing really helps too. Thanks so much.

  2. I had one at 19.
    I wish now I had just done adoption.
    I do beleive in the right to choose…but over all I don’t really feel it’s the right thing g to do.
    At least not for me.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. My first child would be 19 this year. There are moments when I feel a pang of regret for what could have been, and then in the next breath I thank my 20 year old self for having the strength to know that it wasn’t the right time (and it never has been the right time) for me to leave my own personal journey to the freedom and honesty I needed to find in this lifetime. I thank her and I thank you and others like you for being true to yourselves even in the midst of criticism. I also thank those who made the choice to be parents. I honor all our paths.

  4. Wonder if our paths ever crossed in Davis. I left there for Colorado in 1988. Met you last year at UCF. Your video really brought back memories . I was in José Arguelles’ art history class in 1969. The first Whole Earth Festival was a project for that class .

  5. What a powerful account of a powerful journey! I am so touched by these words and this energy. I too had an abortion at 29 years old and share this experience in my second novel New Dimensions of Being. Many of my friends were shocked by my truth and honesty in this novel but I didn’t care if I shocked people: I only cared about empowering women around me. This is empowering. May we continue to have power over our lives and step away from medieval, limited perceptions of how women should be or should act in society. Thank you for this light!

  6. Thanks for sharing Heather , it get’s upp memories and tears I had an abortion in 1990, not ready for a live with a child and unknown about my own need for growing I have no regrets of my discision then, but I have sorrowed her a lott and still miss not having children Gratefull for live and especially all my sisters sharing it with me

  7. This is such a powerful story to share. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I met you in 1991 and I am so proud to see how you have grown and happy to have you more in my life again. You have held the treads for so many woman and have helped them weave such beautiful tapestries. I was watching the video of the dance at Whole Earth in Davis, one of the best times of my life May 1991. It was only a month before that I had met my best friend and now husband of 25 years! If you go to 3:13 you will see me dancing and see Tam who is now 31 years old, he was six there. Again at 5:04 -5:09, 5:26-32 and again at 10:28. How much fun to relive those wonderful musically moments. And was Sean Feader in that group? I love the woman you have become and I fully and wholeheartedly support abortion rights, always, now and forever!!!!!

  8. Dear Heather Ash <3
    Thank you for your sharing your deep truth, vulnerability and authenticity. Your teachings and wisdom help so many woman globally, to heal and strive for a better way to be on this path of life.
    Love, blessings and Namaste <3

  9. I so love you HeatherAsh! As I type now, I hear my two sons as they always are with somewhere around me just as your Colm. I was afraid to have an abortion even though I was not ready. My life is tough. You know me as a Warrior Goddess of your training. I know you have seen me really strive to do my best. Honestly, I often feel the need to focus more on birthing my music, and finally finish and publish a book for the first time. I am 42 years old. There are so many daily demands for my time and energy away from my own creative birthing since I’ve had my sons. Before my sons I didn’t know what I wanted. I still am dependent financially, though I try hard not to be now. I am pro-choice. Both the times I was pregnant I was in a place in my life where I feared the regret I might have through abortion. I was born and raised in a Christian based North Carolina community. I am truly relived to hear that you do not regret your abortion. I have always wanted to know this truth that you are still connected in spirit always. I thought as much but I never could’ve asked my beloved friends who have also had abortions. This is probably the top topic you’ve done yet for “Things People Don’t Talk About”. Thank you for freeing us with your bravery and vulnerability! You continue to birth new life all the time!

  10. Oh Heather! Thanks for starting this dialogue. We do not celebrate the coming of age. We do not celebrate the emergence of the Wise Woman with the end of menses. We do not celebrate the capacity and the power that a woman has to choose to embark on the journey of awakening life force as a Mother.

    I had an abortion at 43 after falling pregnant following a tidal ligation 10 years earlier! As a single mother with four children at the time, I was overwhelmed and terrified at starting the journey of motherhood again. I knew exactly what I was getting into. I was already deep on the mothering path. Alone. (My first husband left us and I had full responsibility in every way for my children.)

    And I also knew what I was choosing NOT to do. I knew that soul-deep, bone-deep love that motherhood awakens and I knew I was turning my back on all the joy and power it invoked.

    I felt tremendous, horrible grief after my abortion. I thought I would be relieved but instead I felt I had made a terrible mistake. No one prepared me.

    I wish someone had helped me understand what was happening to my body, spirit and soul through this process. No one understood. They all thought I was silly for grieving when I already had four children I was struggling to feed. I knew somehow that there was a certain reasoning to their perspective but it didn’t stop the pain in my heart.

    My heart was broken. I felt like I had spit in God’s face. I needed to process this in sisterhood with other women who understood what had happened to me. But we don’t talk about it, as you say.

    As spirit would have it, three months later, even though I was taking birth control pills and I was still 43…old by obstetrical standards, I fell pregnant again…(the pharmacist neglected to tell me that antibiotics will make birth control pills less effective…no shit!) I committed the second time to giving birth to my daughter and I know everything unfolded as it was intended.

    I worked for many years in my 20’s as a midwife. I was a public health nurse before that. As women, must have the right to do what we need to do to embrace or release the possibility of a child. I, too, hold a vision of an empowered world where all women are educated and supported and having a child is an amazing and beautiful choice. Only the woman who’s body contains the seed of a child should be allowed to determine what happens. Having a child is a lifelong commitment. Let’s be real here. Men can walk away. It’s not so easy for a woman to make that same choice…

    I’m not sure what my point was here but I thank you for creating a space to share my story. Truly, that time in my life was the catalyst for tremendous blessings in my life but also the most painful, lonely time I’ve ever experienced as a woman. I’m still healing.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your poignant story. I wish more of us would talk about this tender, difficult subject. Thanks for your courage and for raising such amazing kids!

  11. I had an abortion between my 4 and 5 babies. The aborted fetus was born as my 5 child. If I would have had him..he would have been a girl. He was born a boy..and so it is. I believe if we can tune in to our innate knowing…and llc is well.

  12. What a beautiful sharing of your process in the realm of things that are STILL taboo in our society. I love your courage & authenticity. I’m now even more inspired to write my story of Lance, his conception, the decision I made regarding his life & why & the past 45 years since he was born. I LOVE THE DRUMMING!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the video <3

  13. Hi Heather,

    I read this last night and it troubled me and I felt I needed to share my thoughts this morning. I have done the firewalk with you and felt that was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but there is so much in what you say that I question. It is only words and so maybe I don’t understand what you’re saying but…

    I believe in every woman’s right to choose, but I don’t believe it is the right choice except in exceptional circumstances. I am lucky (and paranoid about birth control) and I have never had to be in your shoes, but I have stood by my friends who decided to have an abortion, I have stood by my friends who struggled with the decision to keep a baby when they were so scared and unprepared.

    I believe every life is a miracle.

    What scares me about your story is this idea that women have to be ready to be mothers. That if you are a scared 16 year old or 45 year old that if you are poor or unwell or maybe your baby might be imperfect that it is the sensible, rational choice to have an abortion. I’ve been there with friends, halfway through an expensive education or in a messy relationship and the pressures are ridiculous, the self talk, the spinning to just give up.

    I would never want to shame anyone who had had an abortion, I think it’s an awful thing to have to go through – but I also see the other side of the coin – women being shamed for NOT having an abortion… because they already have too many children, because they are not married, settled, safe or because they are just confused, trying to please the people around them. Because they owe it to the kids they have not to have any more. “Oh, you’re having ANOTHER baby.”

    I see women shamed for choosing to be a stay at home mum or for being a working mum, again I believe it is every woman’s right to choose (and you know the dad’s too – because they get shamed for being stay at home dads or for working too hard to be a proper dad).

    I travel a lot and people often ask me how I do it alone, on a wing and a prayer and the answer is, well I book the flight and then I panic. Before I went to Mexico for the first time I threw up every day for a week, even on the plane my head was saying “I can’t do this alone.” and then I arrived and it was the most wonderful place. And then there were the safe easy trips that I was excited about that were just awful (and I hated the places). Can we truly know before we arrive?

    Last year my partner and I broke up, couldn’t see each other because things were so messy between us and we were scared we would get pregnant, now I look back and think what a waste, because if I had got pregnant it would have just been life coming through life. It was our heads that got involved and I should have just said “Thank you for sharing but I don’t want to hear it right now”.

    And you have every right to say the same thing to me about this. Lots of love, Pearl x

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Pearl, that you don’t have to be “ready” to be a mother if you get pregnant; most women probably don’t feel ready when they get pregnant, and there is something beautiful about have nine months to adjust and step into motherhood. I’m not advocating that if you are not ready to have a child that you should not have the child; I just believe each woman has to listen deeply to herself. Thanks for sharing, appreciate you.

  14. I recently purchased Heatherash’s books Warrior Goddess Training plus workbook and this evening both the book and workbook came sharply to my attention from my bookshelf. Yet my first thought as I looked at the books was wondering whether Heatherash supported abortion.

    If she provides inspirational writing for women to “become the women they are meant to be”, then she must value life, all life. So I did a search and found this article. Disappointment is not what I feel.

    A deep sadness sits in me that Heatherash Amara portrays herself as a “goddess” and are regarded as a leader in some obscure circles and sadly supports the idea that taking the life of a child is “simply a choice”.

    Heatherash Amara, you don’t believe there is right or wrong. You really need to educate yourself on exactly what the abortionist does your unborn child depending on the stage of development he or she is at when the abortion is performed.

    If you truly are a goddess as you proclaim yourself to be and if you truly follow a spiritual and/or healer’s path then you should understand that taking a life is not spiritually healing in any way, shape or form. As much as it is too late for you to change your decision, leading young women down the path of believing that an abortion is “simply a choice” is incredibly naive, unbelievably irresponsible and with very far reaching effects that you apparently do not comprehend.

    If you believe that you communicated with the soul of the child, and as you state you are a goddess (?) then you understand that prior to conception you, the father and the child spiritually agree to the conception and the birthing of this child, the giving of life and an opportunity to live that life. If you had truly connected with the child spiritually and communed with his soul, the agreement would have been for him to withdraw from the body, the body would have naturally died and you would have miscarried a stillborn baby boy. That is the process when a spiritual healer cannot see her way forward to bring a child into this world due to pressing worldly conditions. From your writing you were not experiencing pressing worldly conditions. You were selfish and self centered and did not care for the living human being growing inside your body. And yes, the child grows inside your body, not so you can decide his or her fate and whether the child lives or dies,. Inside your body because you determined to enter this life as a female human and a natural part of being female is to be mother and as such to protect and nurture all life, including the life of a child you are so blessed to conceive.

    Instead you chose abortion – an act that subjects the child to torture and murder in the most heinous act of violence that humans could ever have devised. Either the child is poisoned and/or a heart attack is induced which at the gestational age kills the child; both of these are tortures that drag out the dying process sometimes for days and during that time the tiny body of the baby growing in the protective surround of your uterus suffocates or dies of a heart attack.

    Or if the child is further along in gestational development, then a surgical abortion is performed. During this process, the woman may be sedated to calm her down, however the child is not. So when the child is torn limb from limb the child experiences all the horrifying and excruciating pain that this entails. And no(!) not all babies die from the shock of the first limb ripped off the tiny body. Some only die when their heads or spines are crushed. This is not a choice! This is a child murdered because a woman was too weak willed and selfish, too self centered to act responsibly. The reasoning of the child would interfere with your social or economic life is garbage. There are many, many couples who would love to have children and who can and would love to provide loving homes – no woman has the right to choose the excuse social or economic hardship because adoption is always an option.

    The choice for women of whether they want to birth children begins and ends before you have sexual intercourse and conceive. If you act responsibly and stand as a true goddess then you would also understand that every woman comes into this world in the female form with all the responsibility that this carries. And yes it is absolutely beyond time for every adult male and female human being who supposedly follows a spiritual and or healer path or who wants to heal their own lives, to be responsible and accountable for every action including giving in to the baser instincts of uncontrolled and unprotected sex.

    A natural part of the act of unprotected sexual intercourse for a healthy female is pregnancy. If you are at a time in your life and at an age where you want to engage in sexual intercourse but you are not prepared for the potential of pregnancy, then you have choices available to you – in that you are correct.

    If you have determined that you are not mother material, then have your ovaries removed so that you will never be subjected to the apparent burden of becoming pregnant and being faced with the choice to subject the developing living human child growing in your body and who happens to have a body all of his/her own, to torture and murder either through chemical or surgical abortion.

    If you are not sure whether you may want the incredible blessing of birthing one or more children later in life, then your choice(s) are at best to ABSTAIN from sexual intercourse or at least use a non-abortive contraceptive and ensure that your partner uses a condom or other means of ensuring that impregnation does not occur. And as a spiritual person, a healer, you will know of the methods a healer engages to not create a child until the time is ready. If you do not, then in my belief you are not worthy of being called a goddess.

    A true goddess values the lives of ALL her tribe, including and especially because those who are on their path to physical embodiment are the future mothers and fathers and leaders and warriors and potentially the next god or goddess in-waiting.

    Making the choice to kill a baby because you are not ready is not a choice. By the time you are pregnant you have foregone your choice.

    And abortion is not healthcare; it never has been and never will be. Abortion is an extreme act of violence that ends the life of a child – a child who has a beating heart by week 4 of development and by week 8 all the organ systems are in place.

    Any responsible adult who values life for themselves understands that killing another living human being is wrong. It is not a choice. It can never be “simply a choice!” We are supposedly the most advanced in our sense of civilization and societal standards yet we state that the torture and murder of living human beings is ok. You state that it is a woman’s choice to do with her body as she pleases yet you conveniently forgot that the growing living baby has a body all of his/her own – at conception a living human being is create. Murder has never been allowed to be a choice. Why is it now?

    in the 1800’s black Americans were relegated to not be fully human and so slave owners were given the choice to have slaves, set them free, kill them at will, etc. In the early 1900’s Hitler and the Nazi’s determined that Jews and other humans they decided were undesirable or were not fully human and therefor could be exterminated.

    In the 1970’s a group of people determined that preborn/unborn babies were not fully human and/or were not “persons” and as such could be tortured and murdered. And women continue to support that lie because too many have abdicated their role in society and that is to be fully feminine. A true women stands as a true feminist who supports and values the women who support one another, and who supports, protects and nurtures every child, born and especially unborn.

    Politicians, many men and women from all walks of life, continue to perpetuate the lie through the dehumanizing of our unborn babies. Babies are precious, innocent, helplessly and defenselessly at the mercy of mostly women who believe babies have no right to grow inside the womb of the mother – the female whose body naturally holds the growing and living human being.

    The growing living human being. So NO! It is not a choice any woman should every be allowed to make – if you want the choice, exercise your choice to not get pregnant so that you do not choose to use abortion as your choice of birth control. Abortion is a violent act that kills babies and murder has never been an acceptable standard within any society.

    We struggle with a tremendous burden of anger and violence amongst our teenagers and young adults today and we wonder why?! Has anyone given any thought to the fact that the 2billion plus babies worldwide (almost 60 million in the US) were broken apart by their abortions and that this left their souls in so much anguish and pain, that their only outlet now when they do come into embodiment is the hate, to be angry, to pour on today’s society the same destruction that was poured on them.

    If we want to heal this incredibly sad and intensely violent history we are creating, the sooner we turn this around and start acting our age, taking responsibility for our actions, being accountable and value the lives of ALL living human being, the sooner we heal and start the long road to recovery.

    1. Lynne, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinion. We have different points of view and I hear your passion and upset about abortion. I will still advocate for women to be able to have choice. Blessings to you.

  15. My mother tried to abort me. She took something called stilbesterol. It did not cause abortion, but I was born with a cleft palate and a speech defect which too years to overcome. I became a writer of children’s books, and also a television show writer, producer and host; a public speaker and all kinds of other jobs using my voice and personality. Abortion is a choice, but giving life is a chance. I am grateful for being alive and making a difference in the lives of so many children, my family, and my 92 year old mother who now depends on me.

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