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this is why I did all of this…

I believe in love — the fierce, compassionate, deep love of a warrior of the heart. I believe that we have a choice to use everything in our lives to grow our capacity and presence or we can use everything against ourselves. I love guiding people to become their own best friend and ally — so that all challenges are turned into healing and all obstacles transformed into gold. I bring an open-hearted, inclusive worldview to all of my writings and teachings. I love fire, the color purple, and helping humans get free.

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Meditation Audio

What does it mean to be a warrior of the heart? In this meditation we explore the Warrior Heart Practice, a simple process to transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace.

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For Women: A Quiz Just for You

Your warrior self is your courage, focus, and commitment; your goddess self is your creativity, fluidity, and receptivity. Take the Warrior Goddess quiz to find out where you are balanced, in excess, or in deficiency of these two important energies.


Warriors of the Heart Circle

Want help staying centered and present in challenging times?

Join me and my dear friend, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. (author of Mastery of Self and Living a Life of Awareness) for this twice a month online teaching circle. Join this circle to learn how to get free of the limiting stories you tell yourself and step into the expansive truth of who you are meant to be. Live classes via video or audio two Monday evenings a month, or watch the recordings at your own pace.

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