Here are some of my favorite interviews and videos from over the years… and my newest podcast, Ash Sparks! Visit my Podcast page for all new shows and a link to five years of archived shows on iTunes.


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HeatherAsh Amara on KUSA Denver

A fun TV interview with KUSA Denver while in town teaching a Reclaim workshop and Firewalk.

Living The Four Agreements

My dear friend and inspiration don Miguel Ruiz and I created this video in 2011.

Impeccability from the Heart

How to shift from your criticism to compassion

The Art of Receiving and Releasing

Letting go and letting in

Become The Woman You Are Meant To Be

Another TV show on Warrior Goddess Training

Discover & Connect with Yourself

In this video, Kaia Tingley and HeatherAsh Amara discuss how to discover and connect with yourself. Throughout this intriguing conversation, you will be taken on a journey of discovery, firstly how to discover yourself and how to discover your self-motivation.

Women, Leadership, & Power

HeatherAsh Amara discusses in this women’s leadership video what being a Warrior Goddess is all about. If you are looking for an empowering discussion on women’s leadership, delving into teaching women leadership and empowerment, this video may be for you.

Women's Retreat to the Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico

In this video, Heatherash Amara and Kaia Tingley talks about the Women's Teo one of the spiritual retreat activities to Teotihuacan Mexico by the Warrior Goddess. This spiritual retreat to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan is both a women initiation and a spiritual retreat.

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