August 26th, 2018

The radical expansion of possibilities

You are by yourself? You don’t even have a dog?

The man selling me maple syrup at the rest area stared at me, incredulous. I had just shared with him that I was living and traveling in my Airstream trailer, by myself.

Yup, just me!

The woman at the clinic taking my blood a few weeks ago hugged me fiercely when I left and said, “You are my hero!” after I told her about my current life-on-the-road adventures.

I’ve spoken to many people now who are either amazed or inspired or puzzled by my choice to life and travel in a 20-foot silver trailer, which I pull with my bright blue Toyota Tundra. It is not the easiest way to live, and I’ve had a steep learning curve. But so far I’ve only put one dent in the trailer (point for the tree!) and learned the vital importance of chocking your wheels BEFORE you unhook the trailer from your truck (watching my home and all my belongings lurch backwards a couple of feet before it miraculously stopped was not my favorite moment.)

My adventurous spirit of travel comes from my parents (thank you!), who undauntedly brought my sister and me around the world multiple times from a very young age. And I can thank my courage of traveling by myself to a woman I met in my early 20’s who changed my life.

I don’t even remember her name; we hardly knew each other. She lived in the house next door. One day she came over to borrow something for her camping trip and I overheard her talking to one of my roommates.

She casually mentioned that she was going camping by herself.

My mind exploded.


Up until that moment it had never occurred to me that I could go camping by myself. And in an instant my entire world expanded, never to return to its normal size.

This is why I think it is so important for each of us to share when we are doing something unusual, out-of-the-ordinary, or courageous. You never know who you are going to inspire by being who you are. Sometimes something that is normal to you is an epic widening of possibilities to someone else.

Today, may you share any small way that you are adventurous, different, or creative. Be a horizon-stretcher for another.

And ask other people, “What is the most radical, beautiful, expansive thing you have done?”

May we all blow each other’s minds with our courage, depth, and actions!

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