Online Events

Learn from home, both recorded and live webinars, classes, and intensives with HeatherAsh and team.

    Shamanism Summit

    During this heart-opening and expansive voyage, you’ll discover:

    • Timeless techniques for staying centered during times of intense change
    • The deeper realities of your own strengths you didn’t know you had
    • The power of owning your impact on the earth as a sacred responsibility
    • How to connect to the lineage of your ancestors, and how this will inform your future
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    Warrior Goddess Authenticity

    Through this powerful 5-week online series you will:

    • Open your heart to your whole self
    • Ground into your own being
    • Tap into your strength and vulnerability
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  • Certification

    Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training Fall 2020

    During Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training you will learn:

    • Cutting edge learning techniques, ritual, and transformational, experiential group processes
    • A map for guiding women towards their freedom and authenticity
    • The details of how to facilitate a five-part Warrior Goddess class and one-day Warrior Goddess workshop
    • How to use teaching and service as a personal path to freedom
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