Loving your body. For real.

Your body is your sacred temple


By increasing our awareness of how we treat our body, moment to moment, we can understand how it impacts our inner fire, as well as its effect on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Through grounded presence in your own skin and a commitment to joyful exploration, you can banish the thought that your body is an obstacle, that you need to change it, or that it’s not good enough, and begin to see these ideas as what they are: ways in which we punish ourselves by punishing our bodies.

Your body is your sacred temple, and the fire that burns inside it is linked to how you treat and relate to your body. When you do not properly care for your body or you berate unliked parts of your body in your mind, your physical temple begins to weaken. When you neglect your body for prolonged periods, it’s as if you are telling your body “you do not matter” and “you are not good enough.” Often we have done this for so long we don’t even notice we’re doing it anymore. At the most basic level, this is a form of self-abuse.

When we treat ourselves as sacred beings, we embrace and enter into a loving partnership with our bodies. Rather than looking at them as something that will constantly disappoint us, we are open to a constantly evolving give-and-take that enriches our spiritual bodies and strengthens our physical form.

~ From  Awaken Your Inner Fire, Lesson 6


Your physical body contains and gives a foundation for your inner fire, just like a ring of stones around a campfire. When your physical body is well-loved it shields and stabilizes your bright fire within. Listening and nurturing your body where it is at, even if your physical form is compromised by illness or pain, will help keep your inner fire strong.

When judge or force our physical body or try to ignore it we dampen our own inner energy. When we celebrate and fiercely love our form we become present in this moment, embodied, which sparkles up our inner fire.


How do you fall in love with your physical body? Here are some suggestions:

• Have a conversation with your physical body and ask it for forgiveness of anyplace you have neglected or judged it.

• Separate out your stories or thoughts from your body – can you practice just being with your physical form without your mind’s opinion or judgment about it?

• Healing your relationship with your physical body means treating it as something sacred instead of as a burden.

• If you have ignored your body (especially at work), every day keep asking yourself “How is my body feeling now?” Learn how to stay tuned into your body’s needs.

Nurturing your physical body takes a willingness to listen to what it has to say and taking care of the basics: sleep, food, exercise. Start with one small area of your life and make a change, and then build from there. Baby steps work best!


Your physical body is incredibly wise, and knows what you need to do to heal. You just have to be willing to listen. It’s not always easy, but as you learn to tend to your body – not the body you wish you had or the body you had 20 years ago – you’ll find you have more energy and deeper connection to your inner, fiery wisdom.


Here’s to you rocking your physical body!


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