March 31st, 2018

A rowdy full moon

I can’t sleep. And I love it.

The past few mornings the moon has been striding into my bedroom, grabbing my wrist, and running with me to the front porch to gaze up at her magnificence. As the moon hovers on the western horizon before it dips down into the ocean, it is a bright, soft orange globe throwing a kiss to the rising sun in the east.

Watching the moon: —  where it rises, where it sets and the waxing in-breath and waning out-breath of its dance with the sun connects us back to the reminder — everything is always in flux. Nothing stays the same. After death, birth. After birth, death. We are equally blessed with the beginnings and endings of things. We get more familiar with the constant ebb and flow of life as we witness the full moon painting luminous shadows of light everywhere and the tiniest crescent of the new moon peeking out from under the orb of darkness it is cradling.

We can also align ourselves back to the circle of life by playing within the seasons. For those of us above the equator this is the first full moon of Spring, and an excellent time for a Spring Clean. (For those of us south of the equator let this be a time of a good Fall Clean!)

What does it mean to Spring Clean? To shake all the metaphorical and physical cobwebs and dust out of our minds, bodies, and homes. We tend to close our doors and windows to the cold and go inward during the Winter; now as things warm up it’s time to purge and make physical and mental space for new creative ideas to blossom.

One of the things I like to do at transitions like the full and new moon and the turn of the seasons is to re-assess where I am and what I want. The curve where the full moon peaks and the new moon reappears, the portals of spring and fall equinox and summer and winter solstice are all excellent places to hit pause on your life and ask yourself “Is this what I really want to be doing? What would I change?”

Recently author Danielle LaPorte shared a blog called “Good Manners and Some Wuv” where she lovingly listed her pet peeves and her wishes for humanity. (Danielle doesn’t mince words: her list stretches from “Bring something when you show up” to “Shut the fuck up on your cell phone.”)

Today, make your own list of good manners and love. What do you wish people would do more of? What do you wish they would do less of? Write without thinking.

Then here is the fun part: review your list and pick one or two items that you are going to commit to doing or not doing for the next month. Let go of watching where other people break your rules; instead explore how you can compassionately take a swallow of your own medicine. I mean, we could all probably be gifted with more chocolate and to spend less time on our cell phone. What is one thing you are going to open to receive and one thing you are going to clean out of your life?

I’ve found that the act of cleaning, whether quieting the mind or cleaning out closets, is best done in the company of people doing the same thing. It is much easier to meditate in a room of meditators than on your own. It is much easier to clean a closet when you have a friend standing next to you. So for the Spring Clean Giveaway we come together in community to get clear about what we want to let go of and what we want to bring in, and then we get inspiration and guidance for how to stay steady in our goals.