Goddess Oprah visited me last night…

Happy Friday the 13th Full Moon!

A couple of days ago I went from feeling great to having a sore throat and feeling drained within fifteen minutes. There were no warning signs, no heads up that my body usually gives me when I am getting sick so I can adjust my food and sleep and take better care of my health.


So my vision of writing a long, detailed blog was swapped for getting twelve hours of sleep and moving slowly through my day, drinking lots of fluids and prepping for my apprentice group this weekend.

I just went to see my beloved nurse practitioner, Annie, who gave me a mega dose of vitamins and minerals via IV, so we’ll see how that helps me heal. I’m already feeling better. Slow and steady!

I do want to share some important highlights from our recent Warrior Goddess Leadership retreat, and also an invite to be part of the Warrior Goddess team and share the teachings with others.

It’s been five years and eight days since Warrior Goddess Training was birthed. Today the Warrior Goddess revolution is in full swing, and last week the new core leadership team met for six days of dreaming, healing, crafting, and creating. Below are some of the new events in 2020 and 2021 that we are planning!

– Warrior Goddess Day: May 1

A warrior goddess day of service and random acts of goodness in your community!

– Warrior Goddess Summer Camp: June 19 – 21 at Warrior Heart Ranch outside Santa Fe, NM

Three days of teachings, nature, play and stillness with the Warrior Goddess leadership team

– Gathering of the Warrior Goddesses: February 2021

Three days of different workshops and teachings with the Warrior Goddess Leadership team.

Besides planning and plotting fabulous events, we did some incredibly profound work healing together, which I will share about in another email. Look at these beautiful faces!!!

If you want to be an integral part of the Warrior Goddess movement, check out our upcoming Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training which begins next week. Eight weeks of online courses with me as your guide, and a one-day live workshop specifically for facilitators. Facilitators received discounts for Warrior Goddess workshops, and we have amazing continuing educations calls each month with the entire group (almost 400 facilitators now around the world!!!) Learn more below.

Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training


I’m now in full swing promoting my newest book, The Warrior Heart Practice, which comes out January 7th. Check out this amazing endorsement that came in last week from Robert Moss:

I was exhilarated reading HeatherAsh Amara’s The Warrior Heart Practice. She arouses us to step out of our little stories into a bigger and braver story. She guides us, chamber by chamber, through the practice of finding and following the truth of the heart. She prepares us to rise to the perspective of a witness self who can observe our everyday behavior and attitudes from a perspective that often escapes us in the confusion of ordinary life. She inspires us to be artists of life and wide-awake dreamers who can manifest what we most deeply desire when we move beyond ego agendas, follow the secret wishes or our souls,,and recruit the wisdom of the body and the blessing of a greater self.

– Robert Moss, bestselling author of Conscious Dreaming, The Secret History of Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home

And a new friend from New York wrote this to me:

Just have to pop in to say you are magical. I’m loving your book. Keep in mind I am a slow reader, but it is by my bedside and has become my nightly reading. WOW! It’s packed with gems. You owe me a highlighter!!! Ha.

I’ll be writing an article for her magazine, I’ll let you know when it is published!

Here’s the link if you want to order an advanced copy:

Pre-order The Warrior Heart Practice

Now, most importantly, take good care of yourself. As we step into Fall it’s a good time for some serious self-care and reflection. And also open to your dreams; what are the telling you? I had a doozy of a dream last night, and I woke up saying to myself, “Girlfriend, time to expand your heart and deepen your roots for the wild ride that is coming with the new book!”

My dream: Oprah came to me while I was in the bathtub. She was radiant and ecstatically in love with my new book. “We are going to do so much together!” She told me. I remember being face to face with her, me floating in the warm water, her kneeling down and smiling at me. The dream shifted and I was walking into a house; Oprah was in the shower wearing a sparkling outfit complete with hat, singing and dancing and completely beautifully happy with excitement about the book. I felt so happy as well.

Then in the dream I called one of my important female mentors to share with her about Oprah. She hardly acknowledged the news and then changed the subject.

I woke up, realizing how much I am integrating about the next up-level and the birth of this book.

I feel like the goddess of life has blessed the new book, and is enthusiastically cheering me on! Yay! And I also know that with expansion people can become jealous, fearful, and competitive. It’s all part of the package.

Please, my dears, if you are finding success or love or happiness in your life, don’t dim your light to make others feel better or safe or so they will be nice to you. Just radiate like a super-friggin’-nova of love. Some will shine joyfully with you, others will not like your brightness. Shine anyway. Be an inspiration for others to follow. AND be compassionate for where everyone is in their life. None of us are better or worse than anyone else. We are all stars, all radiant beings of light on a journey to find ourselves.

All my love to you, starshines,