Notes from the road, and a video!


Today I’m sharing with you an interview I did from my little on-the-road-house (an Airstream travel trailer) with Zhena Muzyka a couple of months ago. She wrote a beautiful introduction to our time together, see below.

I’ve been blessed to live mostly on the road over the past year; while is a joy to be so mobile, it also comes with challenges. I’ve been camping for a week now in the Carson National Forest outside of Taos. The river is blissful, the sunshine delightful, the rain at night soothing. And there are also the millions of flies, sometimes loud neighbors (yesterday a herd of loud children and adults moved in ten feet from me, today they are happily gone) and surprises: my water heater started leaking all over the floor (easy fix!), I ran out of water last night (easy fix!) and my batteries are not charging correctly from the solar panel (still figuring that one out…)

All in all, it is great to have a portable home that mostly travels with me, unless I need to get someplace quickly, in which case I fly. Blessings for options!

Next week I’ll be most likely driving my home to the east coast for my one and only summer event in North Carolina. There are still a few spots left for this Warrior Goddess Weekend if you are needing a great, inspiring retreat (details here)…. And then I head up to Woodstock, NY for ten days for off-grid camping and writing. I just finished the final edits for The Warrior Heart Practice, and now I’ll begin the first rough draft of The Warrior Heart Practice Companion Book (yay!)

Next month I’ll share more about what I’ve been integrating, digesting, and dreaming about privilege, fragility, ancestors, social justice, and trees. For now, I wish you summer rest and adventure, lazy walks in nature and good books.

From Zhena’s newsletter: You might have heard her name and witnessed her teaching women how to firewalk, but like me, you might have never understood the depth and breadth of the simple yet deeply life-shifting teachings of Shamaness, healer, and global women’s empowerment teacher, HeatherAsh Amara.  I signed her to Enliven books a couple years ago for Warrior Heart Training (January 2020and was so moved by her gracious, accessible approach to living your most balanced, heart-centered, empowered life. Her current bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training  shows you how to balance the duality of your go-get-‘em-do-it-all self with your receptive-receiving-soft-intuitive-bring-it-to-me self. Seriously, it’s pure gold. 

She’s taught alongside don Miguel Ruiz ( The Four Agreements) for nearly a decade, her approach to the spirit’s journey is one of strength and self-compassion. She’s a refreshing mix of old wisdom and modern cool. 

When we planned out her July Warrior Goddess Box, I had little clue she’d show up in her Airstream—as it turns out, she lives in it! (Be still my Gypsy Heart!) She’s dedicated her life to her teaching schedule at retreat centers like 1440,  and dozens of others all over the US and internationally and so lives on the road! I loved piling into her sacred space, serving tea, and learning from her—all for your benefit!

Watch video here!


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