Where is your faith? Are you fiery or depleted?

Your deepest faith is a conscious choice.

Unlike the many things we unconsciously put faith in each day, your deepest faith is a conscious choice. It’s where you get to choose what you want to connect with. For me, I choose to connect with what I think of as a power greater, deeper, or broader than myself. This type of faith isn’t about fostering hierarchy, or shunning responsibility, it’s the simple admission that the world is bigger than I am, and that it is working for my benefit.

When I connect to my deepest faith, I choose to look to something larger than my narrowly focused day-to-day self, and I choose to believe that this power is engineering circumstances for my ultimate good. It can be difficult for many of us to believe that there is a greater power on our team and orchestrating events to lead us to our highest good. If you are feeling resistance to this idea, that’s okay too. Your deepest faith doesn’t have to be a divine presence; it can be as simple as having faith that that sun will rise tomorrow just as it did today. For the sake of experimentation, I invite you to momentarily set aside your resistance in order to explore the connection between your deepest faith and your inner fire.

Next, I’d like you to get quiet for a moment, take a deep breath, and ask yourself one simple question: “Where do I want to put my deepest faith today?”

~ From my upcoming book Awaken Your Inner Fire, Lesson 4  

Your faith is precious. Yet many of us have mistakenly invested blind faith outside of ourselves: perhaps in a person or in our work or in a religion. So it can be incredibly painful when the person we have put our faith in leaves or betrays us, our work is not loyal to us in the way we are loyal to it, or we start to see the cracks in the integrity of the religion we were raised in. Because of past hurts we may be wary of  placing our faith in anything again.


How do you access your faith and connect to trust? Here are some suggestions:

• Forgive yourself for where you have placed your faith in something or someone that hurt you in the past.

• Release any situations you may have put your faith in that no longer serve you.

• Keep gently and firmly moving your attention away from busyness and overwhelm and towards your faith.

• Every morning before you get out of bed ask yourself: “Where do I want to put my faith today?”


Connecting to your faith is about a willingness to trust a larger force than yourself. We often put our trust in the worry and fears of our mind, which can cause us to always feel a sense of mild panic and that there is too much to do. Shifting your faith away from the habit of busyness and towards a universe that wants you to have peace and clarity help us see the world differently and make better, more nourishing choices.

Reclaim your faith and you’ll find your inner fire goes from depleted to fiery. Faith is a steady candle that burns brightly despite the raging storm and is still burning when the clouds part and the sunshine comes out again.




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