New! WARRIOR HEART Facilitator Training LIVE!

Join a team of heart-centered leaders, coaches, and facilitators. Bring the power of THE WARRIOR HEART PRACTICE to your community .

When I wrote the book, The Warrior Heart Practice, I knew that I wanted the teachings and practices within it to be shared as far and as wide as possible. To accomplish this goal I knew I would need the help of many others so I created this certification program.

The Warrior Heart Practice is a powerful and proven method to compassionately sift through stories and unbridled emotions to get to the truth and, using that truth, consciously set your intent. During this certification program you will have the opportunity to be held by others as you work through the practice yourself as well as learn how to guide others through it.

Discover Your Truth

Warrior Heart Facilitator Training is a certification program for separating story from truth and discerning your deepest intent.

This LIVE certification training will include:

  • Cutting edge learning techniques, ritual, and transformational, experiential group processes
  • Tools for staying grounded and present in difficult situations
  • Energetic techniques to create sacred, healing circles
  • A map for guiding others towards their intent
  • How to use teaching and service as a personal path to freedom
  • The details of how to facilitate a five-part Warrior Heart Practice class
  • The format for how to facilitate a one-day Warrior Heart Practice workshop
  • Powerful marketing and social media techniques to fill your groups

AND, this special LIVE certification training will also include:

  • A powerful arrow breaking ceremony
  • For an additional fee, one-on-one time with me
  • Access to audio and video recordings from previous online Warrior Heart Practice Certified Facilitator Trainings

Warrior Heart Facilitator Training Overview

After completing the LIVE training in San Antonio you will be:

  • Certified as a Level 1 Warrior Heart Facilitator
  • Trained in sacred leadership and group facilitation
  • Ready to facilitate Warrior Heart individual sessions with folks in your community (currently trained coaches / therapists / social workers only)
  • Supported in offering a powerful one-day Warrior Heart Practice workshop and a five-part Warrior Heart foundations series