Our Intention

Our intent is to create with you a knowing eco-field in collaboration with the Toltec ancestors, the pyramids, and current teachers. This knowing eco-field can propel us on a journey to return humans to the circle of life. On the journey we can learn to speak the Mother Tongue, practice ancient skills and create new ones, and invite the keepers of the circle of life to accept us back after a 5200 year absence. We will make our entry as humble human participants rather than as dominants. We will enter through the portal of the mysteries of the pyramids and their master builders and teachers. Along the way we will cease to be consumers of consciousness and become skilled practitioners of an integration of Toltec wisdom and newer sciences.

Intellectually-based learners will be profoundly challenged to move out of their heads into their hearts. Experientially-based learners will be challenged to pivot rigorously in a new way of thinking and feeling.

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Tuition for the Pyramid Academy at Teotihuacán 2018 is $1,395.

The above fee includes room and board for doubles at The Dreaming House and registration for the week’s transformative education. There is a single-room upgrade fee of $220.

Pay in full or make a deposit and reserve your spot now, payments will go to Center for Creative Resources

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Hosted By

HeatherAsh Amara

is the author of Warrior Goddess Training. She first journeyed to Teotihuacan in 1996 with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. 

Will Taegel

Will Taegel is the co-founder, with Judith Yost, of an eco-spiritual, integral practice community called the Earthtribe. He brings an integral approach to his role as Dean of the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies and weds his Native American background and traditional training in shamanic circles with his 30-year practice of psychotherapy.