Into the Heart of the Andes

”When you say yes to life it becomes extraordinary and you remember the Light Being that lives inside of you.” ~ Jorge Luis Delgado

Come on a journey of a lifetime.

A ten-day pilgrimage to the major power spots of Peru with our guide, Jorge Luis Delgado. Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley all await you. 

To the ancient Incas of Peru we are all “children of the sun” here to shine our light brightly into the world. Peru awakens your heart and brings out the magical child within, so your life becomes filled with synchronicities, wonder, and beauty.

We will arrive in Lima and immediately fly to the center of the Incan empire, Cusco. From there we travel into the Sacred Valley, where there are thousands of sacred sites. During the day we will visit the most potent and stunning of these ancient sites, while spending our evenings at Jorge’s magnificent 5-star hotel along the Urubamba river.

Then to the jewel of our journey: a train ride to Machu Picchu Pueblo where we will stay for two days exploring the ancient ruins. Despite all the photos you have probably seen of Machu Picchu nothing can prepare you for the impact of seeing the site for the first time. The scope and pristine beauty of Machu Picchu can only be experienced in person. You will have the opportunity to climb Huaynu Picchu if you are adventurous, plus plenty of time to explore the little town at the base of the mountains.

From Machu Picchu we will take the train and then a bus back to Cusco, where we will explore the intricate and enormous stonework and temples around the city, and have free time for shopping and exploring the town.

We’ll end our time together in Cusco, and then fly back to Lima to catch our flights home.

If you have been dreaming of visiting Peru, this journey will exceed your expectations and visions. You will return with a new relationship to the earth (pacha mama) and to yourself. Peru will expand your mind and heart and awaken your soul’s wisdom to teach you a new way to be present in your body and life.

Hosted By

Jorge Luis Delgado

Jorge Luis Delgado was born in the highlands near Lake Titicaca, Peru, which is the heritage of the Inca Aymara. Today, Jorge Luis is known worldwide as a knowledgeable guide and the Sacred Valley Highlands of the Andes. His knowledge encompasses the culture, traditions and spiritual heritage of vibrant Inca world. He is the author of Andean Awakening.

HeatherAsh Amara

HeatherAsh Amara has been journeying to Peru since 1989, when she first fell in love with the land and people on a trip with don Miguel Ruiz. Since then she has led groups with her dear friend Jorge Luis to what she considers the motherland.