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First, what is the Day of the Dead, and why is it so important?

While it is often related to Halloween, since it is around the same time of year, the Day of the Dead is an ancient, pre-Colombian festival to honor the dead. (If you’ve seen the movie Coco, you know the incredible beauty and importance of the Day of the Dead to Mexico. If you haven’t seen it; watch it soon, it is one of the best movies ever!!!)

National Geographic writes: Day of the Dead originated several thousand years ago with the Aztec, Toltec, and other Nahua people… For these pre-Hispanic cultures, death was a natural phase in life’s long continuum. The dead were still members of the community, kept alive in memory and spirit—and during Día de los Muertos, they temporarily returned to Earth.

Here is a link for more details and some great pictures!


Over the past seven years or more I’ve been traveling to Mexico over the Day of the Dead to bring people into the incredible culture and healing that reconnecting to the ancestors and honoring the recent dead brings.

During this seven-day journey, from October 27 – November 3, Alberto and myself, with support from Shiila Safer, will be offering some wildly wonderful adventures for us to share together. Along with our life-changing work in the pyramids and the poignant beauty of creating traditional altars to our ancestors and beloved dead, we will be:

Meditating and Visioning in the sacred caves around Teotihuacán

Visiting the local cemetery to be with the families and the dead in the traditional, celebratory way

Doing ancient ceremony on don Alvaro’s land (don Alvaro is a hugely respected village healer and elder)

We will also be offering a temescal cleansing ceremony (sweat lodge), an optional firewalk dedicated to healing our hearts, and an additional ancestral altar for healing past ancestral and personal trauma.

Alberto, (the heart-centered steward of The Dreaming House) also shared that he and his family are creating an even more impressive and joyous parade through the streets of the village and to the church at the heart of San Sebastian. Each year the parade has become more and more delightful, with kids and adults dressed up in all sorts of costumes, fireworks, a live marching band, huge puppets, monsters of all shapes and sizes, and so much more!

don Alvaro will be available for private healing sessions at an additional cost. His profound work helps people release pain and stuck energies, and get clear on their path and purpose. Additional massage sessions with a masseuse will also be available.

The energy coming together around Day of the Dead Teotihuacán 2019 feels magical and deeply transformative. We would love to have you join us. We are also offering pre- and post-Teotihuacan calls to connect our group.

The angel of death is calling. Your ancestors are waiting. Don’t miss this sacred journey into the center of your Big Soul, to reconnect you with what is most precious: your own light. Come shed the old skin or wiggle out of the familiar distractions, and claim your wings to soar into the being you are meant to be.

Questions? Please reach out to Shiila at [email protected] or Sarina at [email protected]

I’m looking forward to bringing in Alberto’s wisdom and joy into our circle, and also sharing some of the new work I’ve been doing with energy clearing and shamanic breathwork.

Note: my co-teacher for this yearly journey, Will, has made the incredibly difficult decision to not join in the Day of the Dead journey to Teotihuacán this year due to his wife’s health challenges. We have spent the past four weeks dreaming and listening and asking for guidance from the ancestors. During this time we released the old form of the journey, and opened to new possibilities and options. And out of the surrender, a beautiful creation is being birthed. I so hope you join us!



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is the author of Warrior Goddess Training. She first journeyed to Teotihuacan in 1996 with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements and has led many powerful journeys and retreats there.


has called Teotihuacan, Mexico, his home all of his life and knows the sacred grounds of the pyramids intimately, as well as the mythology and cosmology of the ancients. He has led many visitors in ceremonies to release blocks that are holding them back and to gently guide them into discovering the freedom and the joy that is everyone’s natural heritage.