Equinox Balance: A Personal Letter For Men Only

In honor of the masculine in all its forms…

Dear one,

You are important to me. I know it might not feel like it, with the amount of energy I’ve been putting into Warrior Goddess Training and the women of our community. But I want you to know I value you, I see you, I honor you.

Earlier this year I realized I needed to tighten my focus on the crazy expansive growth of Warrior Goddess Training and all the women that were showing up, hungry for guidance. It has been a bit of a tear in my being, because I don’t like segregating, creating separation, or leaving anyone out. And I also know in this stage of transformation that women need women-only space to let down, be vulnerable, heal, and strengthen so we can come back into the community full and powerful. And I believe that men need the same space to bond with men and heal specific domestication, so you can come back into community full and present. I believe our healing happens both separately and together.

So this equinox I reach out from my heart to say I am sorry if you have felt marginalized, pushed aside, or desiring somewhere you could plug into.

It is coming.

I am working on a book and a new movement that is for everyone. It will be a couple of years until it is ready, but it is my deepest hearts offering, something that feels incredibly precious and important. It is gestating, growing, unfolding. I’m excited, impatient, and taking one step at a time.

And I also want to invite you to step into the Warrior Goddess stream. While the books are written for women, they are really applicable for everyone: female, male, transgender. For years women have been reading books that are written for men by men, or for everyone but only include masculine pronouns. We’ve learned to include ourselves as we read, to see what works and let go of what doesn’t work. The Warrior Goddess books have amazing teachings, great exercises, and ten-lessons exploration of how to get internally free. You’ll have to see what relates to you and what doesn’t, but it is a worthwhile sorting. And it will also help you to understand the women in your life: friends, mother, beloved, co-workers, better.

As my friend Jacob Norby wrote in the most popular review on amazon.com for Warrior Goddess Training:

I am a man. This book wasn’t written for me, but I am so glad that HeatherAsh Amara has invited women everywhere to step into their most powerful, natural selves in this way.

Frankly, it is a confusing time for men. Our traditional roles and expectations are changing in major ways and we need women to meet us with honesty, love, and a commitment to themselves. When they do, it helps us make the transition to a more balanced way of relating. Evolving men need warrior goddess women more than ever right now.

That is exactly what HeatherAsh Amara is teaching in this wonderful book of hers. I have learned a lot from her in live classes. She has led me on firewalks more than once. She embodies the raw, vulnerable, loving life and now she is asking other warrior goddesses-in-waiting to step off the sidelines and join her.

This book is strong medicine delivered gently and with so much love.

And here is a gift; a beautiful interview I did on Cutting Edge Consciousness:[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh1P5TwsDHg” align=”center”][vc_column_text]The first half of the 15th Century was called The Age of Discovery. Today, there is a new worldwide expedition – but it is an expedition inward. Many of us are explorers, like Columbus and Magellan, seeking a New World. HeatherAsh Amara joins Freeman and Sandi, on Cutting Edge Consciousness, for an important conversation about the rise of feminine energies to reach a new level of integrity – to meet and reveal the emerging world. Integrity in this context involves a rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies – a harmony that makes life fulfilling and makes life on this planet sustainable. More and more women feel supported in going inward to rediscover themselves, to fuel their lives with passion and purpose. The byproduct is a greater sense of integrity and authenticity in their lives. The challenge is to support men in going through this process of profound self-discovery. The vulnerability required in this journey is especially disorganizing for men who have been taught to lean on their knowing, trying to control and dominate life.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]I’ll be doing interviews with some fabulous men for my upcoming Warrior Goddess TV, including Jacob Norby, Fu-Ding Cheng, don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Allan Hardman, and more. Any suggestions are welcome… send names/contact to:[email protected]

One thought on “Equinox Balance: A Personal Letter For Men Only

  1. I really appreciate this piece… As I read Warrior Goddess Training I continuously kept finding universal application for humans in general, not just women. Yet, my experience would not have been so personally relevant and moving had it been written for a generic audience.

    I grew up in a New England type military culture where women and most things feminine are undervalued. I moved across the country for college in hopes of leaving behind unpleasant memories. Unfortunately my inherent life habits followed me and spiraled to an unraveled end, just as I finished my BA in Anthropology and began letting go of my unhealthy relationships, including my husband at the time. Meditation and study became my daily anchors to cope with or avoid the circumstances. I found so many profound answers within myself. I felt the world/society was insane! (And it is). After all I had unlearned and reconceptualized I began looking for and finding universal answers from the world around me.

    After my divorce I moved back home to the place my repressed memories from childhood were made. It hurt. It stung. To have these memories resurface, shoved in my face. The child raised in judgement, victim to sarcasm, met with the grown woman that learned to loath the modern tradition of having a family mostly due to my inability to nurture myself and my learned understanding that people are not to be trusted thus keeping me from truly sharing an intimate relationship with anyone. The judge in me was good at what she did because she knew how to guilt trip the victim in me, even better than my own mother… and she’s good.

    In the few years I have been back ‘home,’ a word I’ve learned means something different to everyone, I’ve been able to find some peace within… it took a while but it is here. With me. I cannot change my past but I can consciously choose my own future path.

    Adversity in life is inevitable. Self love and community have the ability to overcome….

    I look forward to the release of a book geared toward a male audience. My boyfriend (a marine corp veteran), also returned ‘home’ to the same place he grew up after his first marriage fell apart. He didn’t have the best childhood either. We have walked pieces of the same life paths that have brought us together back in the same little town. Together we are trying to create the kind of ‘home’ that our family is happy and comfortable in and that his 6yr old daughter will thrive in.

    Thank you for your teachings HeatherAsh. We all need them 🙂

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