Meet the Team

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For questions regarding our programs, speaking engagements, and general questions please email our team at [email protected].

Christy Gaudet

Business Manager, HeatherAsh Wrangler, and Best Sister Ever

Maggie Gaudet

Sacred Travel Support and Best Mother Ever

HeatherAsh Amara

Creatrix Warrior Goddess Mama Gypsy o’ Love

Noel Nguyen

Warrior Goddess Tribe Guardian

Sarina Harz

Community Magic Maker

Tara Sol

Conjuror of Technological Marvels


Fire Starter and Store Magician

Shiila Safer

Teotihuacan Logistics and Creativity Shamanness

Angela McPherson

Warrior Goddess Bootcamp Buttkicker o' Love

Catherine Just

Photographer of light

Heather Lorah

Special Projects Maven

Elle Forest

Assistant Pixie Dust Spreader

Judy Ashby

Warrior Goddess Librarian

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