March 20th, 2017

Blog Challenge: Day 7 – Try, try again

On Ash Wednesday I set out to write a blog a day, for forty days.

I enthusiastically wrote five blogs in a row, and then my wagon of discipline came untethered from the horse of motivation, lost a wheel and went into a ditch.

So I wrote a sixth blog, saying I would be back momentarily.

That moment stretched a long time, and that particular horse settled in for a lengthy nap.

You see, I broke my own rule.

One of my knowings about setting intent is that it is best to start small: to pick one thing at a time.

And I set three wagons on their way simultaneously on that first day of Lent. Which is really two to many. Especially when there are many other wagons and horses being attended to.

Two of those intents are plodding steadily along: meditating every day for 10 minutes (yay!) and not eating sugar (except for occasional dark chocolate medicinal nuggets). So each day I celebrate those successes.

Which is crucial for us as we navigate

But I did stay connected to the main guides of my life: awareness and persistence.

Each day I watched myself not write. I didn’t beat myself up, or make excuses. I witnessed my days, my choices, my patterns.

I also stayed connected to my initial intent: to write every day for forty days. I knew I would continue to make the space for myself to follow through on my commitment. It was just a matter of not just time, but persistence.

Each day I’ve felt loosely tied bundles of words rattling inside of me, waiting for my attention to connect and construct them into a solid whole.

And each day I’ve watched myself make other choices. Some were necessity, others were distraction.

But I never dropped the thin rope that binds me to my initial commitment. And today I woke up and easily followed that rope back to the wagon, fixed the tire, pulled it out of the ditch, and coaxed the horse back with sweet words and honeyed grass.

And we are off. New commitment: Write a blog every day for five days.

With a finish line that is more plainly in sight, I’ll do my absolute best to write a blog each day. No excuses. No whining. And also no blame for the past. I learn and move on. Try, try again. And keep creating the conditions that will support my success.

What intent have you put into motion that now needs some attention? What have you learned to will help you support yourself better?

What I learned for myself: write first thing the morning. Always. Before anything else. Which is why I am currently sitting in bed in my pajamas, my laptop living up to its name.

I also remembered the importance for me of going to bed with a writing idea that will simmer in the warm soup of dreams and be nourished by the blackness between the stars.

Yes. Try, try again.

Whenever you set an intent, give it your all.

Get clear on what you want. Set intent. Put yourself 100 percent behind your commitment. And make sure your horse of motivation is well fed and well rested.

And if you fail don’t give up.

Study yourself. Learn what support you need. See where you are sabotaging yourself. Explore where you have taken on too much. Lovingly question how you can get back on track. Be fiercely honest with yourself (note I did not say judge yourself fiercely. Not helpful!) Modify your commitment based on your circumstances.

Don’t give up.

Celebrate what is working while you grow your capacity follow through on your unmanifested intent.

And then start again.

Spring Equinox felt like the perfect time to re-engage my blog commitment.

So here we go: I will write ten blogs in ten days.


What do you want to re-commit to? Let me know below!