October 14th, 2019

Birthday, pregnancy, and a blessingway

Yesterday I celebrated my 53rd birthday, and my third trimester of pregnancy!

The final three months of any pregnancy are a mixture of increasing discomfort as the baby gets larger and more active, growing excitement and anticipation, and lots of preparation to get everything ready for when the bundle of joy arrives.

I bet you didn’t even know I was pregnant. Let me explain.

The baby I’m carrying is my latest book, The Warrior Heart Practice. With a due date of January 7th, we are in the final three-month stretch of growth before this baby is released to the world.

I feel like I’m knee-deep in the equivalent of getting the baby’s room ready. Booking book launch parties. Planning online celebrations. Creating webpages. Training Warrior Heart facilitators and coaches. And while part of me is starting to feel, “Oh no, I need more time to prepare!” I cannot tell you how much I am anticipating the birth of The Warrior Heart Practice in the world.

Here is how important this baby, my 8th book child, is to me, and to all of us.

But first, a little share about how this book was conceived.

Conception happened in an instant, while talking to a friend about his story of pain, self-doubt,

and fear, which he repeatedly shared with anyone who was willing to listen. The repetitive voices inside his head were harsh, and he couldn’t get away from them.

As I wrote in the Introduction to The Warrior Heart Practice:

“We’ve all had stories like this that snag the fabric of our being, where an experience gets caught, but rather than reflect and challenge the story, we keep going back again and again to pick at the loose stitch. Whether the experience happened in childhood or yesterday, our stories can unravel our self-esteem, drain our energy, and keep us struggling in emotional quicksand.

As I looked at my friend, I could see the pain in his face, his closure, and his self-hatred. Despite repeated attempts to pull him out from under the drowning heaviness of his story, nothing was working. So I offered up a prayer: “Please let me help my friend see and hold the truth.” As I opened my heart to his suffering, I felt an entire process of getting to the truth drop into my being, and right then and there, a practice that I call the Warrior Heart was born.”

Since that day, I’ve been teaching, practicing, and sharpening the tools of the Warrior Heart practice. It is a straight-forward and well-tested system that will help you untangle your emotions from your stories and your stories from the truth, then connect the truth with your intent. This systematic exploration toward truth is an inquiry practice using Toltec wisdom as the framework and your emotional body as a starting point.

In The Warrior Heart Practice, you will learn how to move through a simple process that transforms confusion into clarity and pain into peace.”

Heaven knows we all need help in releasing our stories. This book is so potent, and so comprehensive about how to get out of story and begin to live in the truth, that it feels like a completion of a life-time mission to me.

“I wrote this book because I am passionate about helping humans get free from the inside out. I’ve watched myself and so many of my friends, peers, and students struggle with self-worth, fear of rejection, self-doubt, shame, and blame. For way too many of us, our precious attention and energy is consumed every day just by trying to manage our judgmental mind and our emotional reactions.

We are amazing, creative, powerful creatures, and instead of waking up each day saying, “What beauty and connection will I craft today?” we wake up basically saying, “How can I feel good enough about myself today?” or “How can I avoid my own self-judgment and fears?” The vitality that could be going toward solving world problems, bringing people together in wondrous ways, and celebrating the unbelievably great gift of life is instead drained by drama, conflict, and using the power of our word against ourselves.

The Warrior Heart practice will teach you numerous ways to ascertain the oft-times subtle or hard-to- see differences between the truth and a story. In plain terms: Through this process, you will learn how to stop the drain and misery of suffering and self-limitation and start creatively living your best life. You’ll also learn the importance and skill of how to harness your individual intent and allow the power of Intent, or Life, to move through you.”

A few days after I turned in the final edit of The Warrior Heart Practice to my publisher I was on a flight when we hit some heavy turbulence. Before the book was finished I used to think, “What if the plane goes down and I haven’t completed the book? What if I don’t give this gift to the world?” This time I found myself thinking, “I can die now, I’ve finished the book.”

Now I’m so grateful I get to help birth and then be part of a team of midwives who will bring the book into the world. It’s a big undertaking to birth a book, and also a huge blessing.

You are invited to be part of the virtual blessingway for The Warrior Heart Practice.

What is a blessingway? In modern days it is often called a baby shower. A blessingway is a gathering to honor and celebrate the mother and the coming child. Traditionally during a blessingway the pregnant mama is massaged, her hair is braided in a new way, gifts are given, and she is loved on and supported by her community.

Since we can’t have a huge live gathering to bless this coming book (oooh how I would love to hold all of your hands and feel your love!) I’ve decided to do a kind of virtual blessingway to honor and bless the birth.

Want to join me?

Sometimes being an author is lonely, and just like being pregnant, it take so many inner resources to create, grow, and birth a child/book. And that is just the beginning; then you become a full-time nourisher of the new being. Phew. So in these final stages of pregnancy it truly helps to feel support and love from others.

If you are willing, please take a moment right now to send a prayer my way, and a blessing for The Warrior Heart Practice.

Thank you! It’s not always easy to ask for help; and as a mama of books I’m learning how to receive support and rest into being held before the heavy labor of birthing begins. I’m imagining holding your hands and feeling your support, and I’m sending my love and gratitude back to you through my heart.

Over the coming three months I’ll be sharing more about the book and the birth parties… there will be a 40-day giveaway beginning Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, an online book launch January 7th, and live book launches in New York on January 8th, California on January 10th, and Austin January 11th (mark your calendars, invite your friends!!!!) Other venues and dates to be announced.

There are other ways you can help bless the book; the main one is by buying a copy for yourself (and a friend or two or ten…) You can pre-order today from your local bookstore, just walk in and ask them to reserve a copy for you. You can also buy online; click here to learn more about the book and where you can pre-order.  https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250230584

There are a lot of other ways you can join the Warrior Heart Practice blessingway over the next three months.

Here are some ideas to get your creative mojo working…

– Join our Warriors of the Heart Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/warriorsoftheheart/

– Pre-purchase The Warrior Heart Practice

– Write a review and post it on Goodreads and Amazon (sooo important! I’ll remind you!)

– Write about the book or share posts about the book in your largest Facebook group. Encourage people there to purchase and read the book.

– Have a favorite popular podcast you love to listen to? Share the name or any contact information…

– Post your favorite quotes from the book on Facebook on Instagram, tagging me.

– Host a Warrior Heart Practice Publication Day party / book club in January for your friends…and read the book aloud together! I’m creating discussion questions we will share on the website.

– Purchase 5-10 copies as holiday gifts. Get your shopping done early!

– Purchase 10-20 copies of the book for a discussion group. 

– Purchase (at discount) 25-100 copies of the book for your yoga studio, workshop or event, pop-up shop, or as a library or foundation give-away.

Note: We are in the process of setting up a way to pre-order 10 to 100+ signed copies of the book, with swag: a bookmark, stickers, and a printed one-page copy of the Warrior Heart Practice. More details on that coming soon. Yay, swag!

This list is to plant a seed; use your imagination and please help me bless and get the word out about The Warrior Heart Practice: A Simple Process to Transform Chaos to Clarity and Pain to Peace. It is a book that will change lives. I know it has deeply changed mine.


And here’s to birthing creativity, inspiration, and new life,

P.S. My friends Perdita and Clark are also birthing their new book, The Way of the Rose, in early November; thanks to them for all of their support as we grow and raise these siblings books together!