March 23rd, 2017

Blog Challenge: Day 9 – Be Resilient

Isn’t resilience a great word?

To be resilient is to be flexible, supple — to bounce back after adversity or strain.

As humans we can get cold internally and become brittle like ice, or stay warm and fluid, ready to respond to whatever arises.

Here are three ways to support resilience:

1. Use only warm words with yourself

My friend Jorge says that there are cold words and warm words: cold words are harsh and judgmental, cold words are loving and kind. Increase your resilience by learning to respond to challenges and upsets with your own warm words towards yourself.

2. Expect the unexpected

Train yourself to not make assumptions that things are going to work out how you think they should. Leave room for the mystery. Let yourself wonder what is going to happen next. Pretend you have no idea what is in store for you at any given moment, and stay in the present, ready to shift at a moment’s notice.

3. See the humor in things

It helps resiliency to have an inner comic. Keep looking at the lighter side of things and seeing the humor and the wackiness of life.  Especially learn to laugh at yourself. Start small: smile at yourself in the mirror and make funny faces regularly. Watch funny movies. Imagine you can tickle yourself when you get too serious.

Resilience is an attitude. Keep practicing and you’ll find yourself bouncing back like a beach ball on a warm summer day.