March 5th, 2017

Blog Challenge: Day 5 – Be Creative

Let’s talk about the creative power of our words.

In her book Walking in the Light Sandra Ingerman says “Words are seeds that grow in your inner garden. You need to focus to be aweare of how you speak about yourself, others, and the world. The phrase abracadabra is an Aramaic term. The Aramaic term is abraq ad habra. Literally this translates to “I will create as I speak.”

When we want to release one thing and bring in something new the language that we use with ourselves and others is pivotal to our success. If we continue to use words unconsciously (and uncreatively) we will continue to manifest the familiar. Abracadabra reminds us that our words are a creative force of change; they open the way to the mystery of possibility.

One of the ways I like to use my word creatively is to ask myself “What else can I imagine?” The familiar is easy to visualize; the unknown stretches our brain to weave diverse, seemingly unconnected pieces into a new whole. This is the hallmark of creativity: it is beyond the rational mind. Creative thinking make its home in the space between the stars.

When you face obstacles in your life, may you tap into that star-space of creativity and ask, “What can I imagine here?” Stretch as wide as the universe and wait for the whisper of the muse that speaks softly, but powerfully within your heart.. Merge your consciousness with the shout of the big bang. Dive into the ocean of your cells and the ancient knowledge speaking through your mitochondria.