Why avoiding or stuffing your emotions puts out your inner fire

In the West, we are often taught to separate ourselves from our emotions, and we overuse our logical mind in order to be “efficient” and “effective.” Emotions are viewed as liabilities that reduce our productivity and get in the way of our work. Besides that, the difficult emotions, the ones we don’t like, make us uncomfortable. Isn’t that reason enough to avoid them altogether?

In our journey to awaken our inner fire, we need to understand the relationship between our inner energy and our emotions. This interplay of emotions and energy is something we have all experienced many times in our lives, but it isn’t something we are always aware of.

For instance, why is it that we can often feel so much better, even energized, after a good cry? Similarly, a belly-laugh attack can also leave us pumped up and ready to go. In both cases, our renewed energy is due to the connection between releasing emotions and our inner fire. I call this type of emotional release an instance of allowing emotional flow.

~ From my upcoming book Awaken Your Inner Fire, Lesson 5  

Your emotional body can either be like a heavy, wet blanket or a enlivening breeze to your inner fire. When we dampen our emotions or try to avoid them we stagnate our own inner energy. When we let them flow like a purifying river we create more space for our inner fire to blaze. But there is an art to creating emotional flow that heals rather than hurts. The key is to consciously express your emotions to release them, not through blame or shame towards anyone else.

How do you allow healthy emotional flow? Here are some suggestions:

• Have a conversation with your emotional body and let it know you are listening.

• Separate out your stories or thoughts from your emotions – can you practice just experiencing an emotion without your mind’s opinion or judgment about it?

• Healing emotional expression is not about dumping your emotional content onto someone else, but taking responsibility for your past emotions and releasing them a little at a time.

• If you have repressed your emotions, every day keep asking yourself “What am I feeling now?”

Healing your emotional body takes a willingness to clear out the past, little by little. When you have a big emotional reaction in the present it is almost always connected to an old emotion that needs to be released. We store unexpressed emotions in our body until we give ourselves permission to let them go. Grief, anger, disappointment, fear, and hurt can hide in our tissues, clogging up the free flow of our energy.

I know that our emotional bodies are incredibly wise, and know what we need to do to heal. We just have to be willing to listen. It’s not easy, but as you learn to express your emotions in healthy ways you’ll find you become a super nova of love, because beneath the fears love reigns supreme.

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