Are you doing your true work?

Your true work isn’t really about what you actually do but how you do it.


When we look at ourselves as artists rather than employees, homemakers, bosses, or owners, we see past the limited roles we play in the world. Our true work doesn’t lie in those roles that we put on throughout our day, but rather just beyond them. It is only when we look past them that we can discover what our true work is. And doing this is the key to living your life as an artist. This connection to your true work and seeing yourself as an artist is what feeds your inner fire.

My point is that your true work isn’t really about what you actually do, but more importantly, how you do it and what your intentions are as you do it. In other words, the outer “work” that you do—your activities such as your job, career, chores, and even your parenting—isn’t your true work in this context, but rather each of these things is a role that you take on out of choice or necessity.

… your true work is a quality that acts as your core guiding principle. It is the focus of what you want to create or experience for yourself as the artist of your life. And it all starts within, from a deep desire in the center of your being. Whatever you do is just a vehicle for you to manifest these qualities. Your true work does not need to be action based—such as “plant a hundred trees”—but rather an attitude or aspect you wish to bring into the world. For example, if my true work is “to love,” then every action that I take in the outer world will be an act of love. This could be anything from saying a loving thank-you to a waiter for refilling my water to tenderly watering the plants on my windowsill. All of these actions will come from the quality of love.

~ From my upcoming book Awaken Your Inner Fire, Lesson 2


How do you know what your true work is? 

• Your true work is represented by one word that evokes a feeling

• It’s not something you have mastered but something you want to learn to embody

• It’s something you can practice anywhere: whether you are finishing a work project or picking up dog poo in the backyard

• Your true work will guide your choices and actions


All too often we get caught up in thinking we have to know what our life purpose is to be happy or we need to be doing a job that aligns fully with every aspect of our being to be fulfilled. I’ve seen so many people suffer because they aren’t sure what their purpose is or they are working a job to pay the bills, so they judge themselves fiercely. But happiness and fulfillment do not come from your clarity or the “right” job; they come from knowing and practicing the one-word focus of your true work in everything you do.

Without thinking too much, pick one word that represents your true work. Don’t worry you can change your true work focus later if you get more clarity. But see how it feels to start practicing the quality of your true work into each moment of your day.


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