A three-month program to rebirth your powerful, creative warrior goddess self.


Warrior Goddess Training Online Circle – Coming Home to the Real You

Warrior Goddess Training brings together the most potent tools of European shamanism and Toltec wisdom to catalyze a foundational rewiring so we can release the old paradigm and step into a new future. Learn how to fully reclaim your energy from the past, cut cords that keep you tied to old ancestral patterns and heavy energies, and align your energetic, emotional, and physical being with your essential, resilient, expansive nature.


with HeatherAsh Amara and the Warrior Goddess mentor team

Join a group of dedicated women from all over the world as we come together in community to support and rebirth ourselves from the inside out.

This powerful circle will give you the support, tools, and guidance to become more clear, radiant, and joyful in your life. Come release the past, and join with women in community as we celebrate our inner beauty, hone our passion, and create ourselves anew.

“ There is a deeper longing that keeps calling us to stop conforming, to break the chains of our fears, to jump the fence of people’s opinions and find our innate wild happiness.”


You are whole. You are powerful. You are divine.

When you read these words do you feel the truth of them ringing in your bones?

Or do you feel the muffling weight of self-judgment and self-doubt, the deep-marrow fear of not being good enough, and the exhaustion of seeking your value outside of yourself?

If you don’t love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, then it is time for an inner revolution. It is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy.

Warrior Goddess Wisdom Online Training

Includes the following:

  • Weekly theme-based articles, videos, and exercises available 24/7 on our website
  • Three months of foundational shamanic teachings and tools to reclaim your energy and power
  • Weekly live webcasts with HeatherAsh and/or the  Warrior Goddess mentors team
  • Weekly group circles with the Warrior Goddess mentors
  • A private Warrior Goddess Wisdom community to share inspiration, celebrate successes, and connect with the support of your tribe
  • Bonus video teachings with some of the most inspirational and empowering Warrior Goddess women on the planet including Ana Forrest, Stephanie Bennett-Vogt, Peggy Dylan, and more

The New Women’s Revolution

The new women’s revolution is an evolution from being other-focused to center-full. When our attention is trapped by fearful shoulds, what if’s, and don’ts we scatter our energy and struggle with knowing what is authentic for us. When we bring our attention back to discovering who we are at center – not who we wish we were or who we think we should be – we begin a sacred path of transformation towards our innate, authentic, embodied power.

From Africa to the Middle East to the Americas, women are stepping forward to invite back their authentic, creative, wonderfully unique selves. We are shedding the old, faded clothes of power over, competition, jealousy, and repression. We are rising like the sun, shining big and bright as the full moon. We are saying yes to our warrior focus and our goddess joy.

Where ever you live, wherever you are, you can now be part of a circle of Warrior Goddess women rebirthing ourselves from the inside out.

OVER OUR THREE MONTHS together you will:

  • Blast Past Self-Doubt, Fear, and Self-Sabotage
  • Learn how to stop fighting life and create more ease
  • Learn to Attract What You Truly Want
  • Own Your Yes and Your No Fully
  • Release old behaviors and patterns that keep you stuck

WARRIOR GODDESS TRAINING WILL SUPPORT YOU IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE: Business/career, relationships, health, and your intimate connection to the Divine.

Each month you will get specific tools, practices, and guidance for clearing blocks, limitations, and fears out of your energetic being and bringing in your warrior clarity, presence, and focus and your goddess sass, pleasure, and faith.


Topics covered: Stepping into authenticity, female role models, reclaiming your energy, tapping your inner wisdom

Our first Warrior Goddess lesson, Commit to You, is designed to close the gap between self-rejection and true acceptance, thinking and being, wishing and becoming.

This commitment to self shows us that there is no hidden treasure or savior outside of ourselves; we are the treasure we have been searching for. Or, put another way, we are the one we have been waiting for… Our deepest healing occurs when we learn to be our own best friend, companion, and cheerleader.

  • How to ally with yourself, no matter what (no more self-sabotage, dear one!)
  • Learn to honor and claim your true inner power (it’s not what you think)
  • Discover your goddess archetype / divine feminine role models and how to embody them
  • Gain more energy and release your past hurts through recapitulation – a profound practice


Topics covered: Stepping into authenticity, female role models, reclaiming your energy, tapping your inner wisdom

The truth is simple: Life is perfectly imperfect, unpredictable, and unexplainable. A Warrior Goddess does not try to control life or even understand it. Our job is to consciously choose what we are aligning with and then let go, and dance in joy and gratitude for every moment of existence.

The choice comes down to fear versus love. Do you want to be a punitive judge or flattened victim toward life, or a Warrior Goddess artist, delighting in the many diverse colors and shapes of creation? Do you want to struggle with what should be, or show up to flow with what is in this moment? When we honor the cycles of life we learn to love and learn from all the textures, from the rough edges to the silky smooth synchronicities.

  • Experience the power of living connected to the cycles
  • Gain a new meditation practice that will change your life (really, it’s totally new)
  • The missing piece of healing
  • Loving the beginnings and the endings, and how to do both gracefully


Topics covered: Stepping into authenticity, female role models, reclaiming your energy, tapping your inner wisdom

In becoming a Warrior Goddess, our first two lessons focus on committing to ourselves and aligning with life. For these two things to work effectively, we must purify what I call our “vessel.” This vessel is defined as a sacred container of awareness that holds all of you. Your mind, energy, emotions, and physical body are all part of the vehicle for the spirit, or the invisible essence that is at your core. Your vessel houses your spirit, and your spirit cannot express fully if your vessel is burdened by things that don’t serve you.

Specifically, this means we must become aware of and consciously clear out all the beliefs, stories, fears, and general gunk that is clogging our system. And this takes rolling up our warrior sleeves and getting to work while we also open to divine goddess grace and inspiration.

  • The art and freedom of stalking yourself
  • Not doings and breaking draining patterns and habits
  • How to not pick up other people’s energy, and keeping yourself clean
  • Advanced energy management for warrior goddesses


"The tools provided to help navigate your soul are incredible and so very powerful."

The sisterhood held by HeatherAsh is like no other. The opportunity to grow and hold space for others to grow along with you allows for curiosity, experiments, and mistakes while you are held and honored with no judgment, just love.

- Angela McPherson, Canada

"HeatherAsh gave me the opportunity, the unconditional love, a safe place, and the information to turn ME back on."

WOW. I am having a miracle of miracles: More peace and joy with every breath than I have ever had before.

J.C., Minnesota

"The meditations and chakra work at the beginning of each lesson was exciting, unique and productive."

Rooting and grounding clearly important, energy work and recapitulation a tool that must be a requirement. The Mitote book very important to my healing as well as recapitulation. Loved my discussions with (Warrior  Goddess mentor) Heather Lorah. Wise peaceful women. The visualization lessons absolutely amazing and essential to healing.

- Robin Moser

"My being feels more fully grounded, my intuition feels more open, and my heart is bursting with so much love. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and to be part of such a magical sisterhood."

Through our time together I learned powerful tools that helped me tap further into my own magic. I stepped towards trusting myself and became much better at setting intent while also letting go of outcomes. I found stillness where there often had been anxiety and fear. 

- Tara Sol, Texas

Claim Your Warrior Power
and your goddess faith

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