Welcome to the bookstore! Here you can find all of my books, including an audio version of Warrior Goddess Training and two wonderful audio products from Sounds True. And soon we will be adding more hand-selected items to explore.


And a note: While we love the convenience of, we also highly recommend you buy your books through your local independent bookseller. Support independents- find a nearby store or order online at You can also purchase all books through Barnes & Noble online and stores. If you would like to buy books in bulk please contact Hierophant Publishing. Blessings!

Other Cool Stuff

As I travel I love it when I come across something that stops me in my tracks and opens my heart and mind.
In our “cool stuff” area my sister, Christy, and I will be hand picking items to share with you. I’m a firm believer in supporting artists who are putting the art of their soul into their creations. And I also know the importance for each of us in having talismans and physical reminders as we walk our path. May you benefit from the blessings of these sacred products crafted with passion.
We’ll add new items regularly, so keep checking back in. And you folks from countries other than the United States; please email first to get a quote on shipping.