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Let’s start by getting to know each other a bit.

My passion is teaching inspiring, clear, and practical tools and helping people reframe their lives to see creative, magical possibilities in even the most difficult places.  I’m an author and a teacher, and feel strongly about the importance of cleaning the past, the play of doing more of what you love, the value of community on a healing/spiritual journey, and the power of honest, full grieving and thunderous belly laughter. I strive to help people live full, deep lives connected to spirit and engaged in the world.

I love mountain streams, horses, long walks, mason jars, great books, and the color purple. I believe in the power of stillness and the gifts of darkness. I believe in the deep wisdom each of us hold within us. I pray that we may all remember our sacred connection with the earth and learn to honor all manifestations of life, to celebrate diversity, and to reconnect with compassion to our emotions, body, and mind. Learn more about me here

Women please introduce yourself on the Warrior Goddess Tribe Facebook page which is a wonderful, vibrant community… So much support!

Here’s an Overview of Offerings

In the Free Stuff pages of this website there are several videos and a plethora of podcasts to explore.
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Along with my published books, I also offer many online courses, live workshops, and power journeys. So here is what I am offering currently – both online and in person – check back for more creations from time to time!



The Eagle View

9313452_origONLINE EVENTS:
These are either pre-recorded or live classes available via phone, video, or webcast.

Coming Soon:

Warrior  Goddess Foundations
A 5-week audio course for women that explores and deepens the teachings in HeatherAsh’s Warrior Goddess Training book and will give you a new way of being in relationship to yourself.

Awaken Your Inner Fire
A 12-week audio course to revitalize your energy and create more space and time for you.

Longer apprenticeship programs or leadership trainings

Three month pre-recorded Warrior Goddess Trainings:
Level 1: Foundation
The base trio of Warrior Goddess Training: Commit, Align, Purify. Tools you’ll learn include recapitulation, elemental prayers, ritual and ceremony, energetic clearing, and cyclical living. More details

Level 2: Roots
In Level 2 of Warrior Goddess Training we focus on the lower three energy centers: our root, sacral, and will. Learn how to stabilize and create a solid base for yourself. Tools include grounding, cord cutting, clearing ancestral wounding and patterns, clearing sexual trauma, discipline and focus from love, inner power, and how to raise, hold and direct your energy. More details

Level 3: Wings
In Level 3 of Warrior Goddess Training we explore how to express your Warrior Goddess self in the world. With a new foundation of love and compassion for yourself you can now spread your wings to fly and share your gifts with the world. You’ll learn how to open your heart even in challenging times, move from thinking to feeling, trust your intuition and knowing, speak your truth and communication with ease, connect to silent knowledge, and claim your path. More details

Each of these Warrior Goddess Online Training Levels start anytime; begin at level 1 and work your way up at your own pace.

Nine-month Apprenticeship Circle
Warrior Goddess Levels 1- 3 with weekly live classes with HeatherAsh
A community of women from around the world and nine months of tools and teachings to rewire your being. More details
Only offered once a year: March to November


Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training Program
A 7-week online course May and September with one two-day live training

Artist of the Spirit Coach Training Program
with Diana Adkins
A 13-week coach training certification program for life and spiritual coaching and long-distance shamanic healing.

warrior-goddess-wisdom-workshop03Talks and One-Day Workshops

I regularly travel to different areas to teach at bookstores or yoga studios. See calendar for my current travel schedule and upcoming events. Want to host me in your area? Contact Christy @


I mostly do firewalks as part of other workshops, but every once in a while I offer a stand-alone firewalk workshop to the public. Why do I love firewalks? Because in one evening you can get your mind blown wide open, whether you walk or not. I’ve been facilitating firewalks for 25 years and they continue to be one of my favorite offerings. 

Weekend Events

Warrior Goddess Wisdom Weekends
Hosted by Insight Events USA these Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday workshops bring together women from all over the world to become the women we are meant to be. Each workshop includes morning yoga and meditation, an evening firewalk, dynamic, experiential teachings, and more healing fun then you’ve probably had in a long time. Prices vary depending on venue. See below for locations and details

Gathering of the Shamans
An event with the Ruiz family and many of the Toltec teachers who studied with me under don Miguel Ruiz; this event sold out last year within two months of being announced.


I love sharing some of my favorite places, and each year I take people to Teotihuacan, Mexico and Peru. Don’t you think that sometimes it is important to take a break from what is familiar and go on a pilgrimage get rewired and renewed? I sure do. Each journey is a blend of teachings, ceremony, with lots of time for integration and exploration.


Firewalk Instructor Certification and Empowerment Coach Training
A seven-day intensive leadership program. At the end of this training you will be certified to facilitate firewalk workshops and share other empowerment tools like the arrow break. A fantastic deepening for workshop leaders, therapists, or yoga instructors, and also perfect for anyone wanting to step more into leadership. No previous classes required; open to everyone. 

Warrior Goddess Advanced Facilitator Training – Level 2
Coming March 2017: A new certification program for those who have completed their Level 1 certification for both the five-week classes and the one-day workshop to learn how to facilitate local Warrior Goddess monthly intensives. By application only.

The Warrior Goddess Way (2016)
The Warrior Goddess Training Companion Book (2015)

Warrior Goddess Training (2014)
No Mistakes (co-author) (2013)
The Toltec Path of Transformation (2012)

Warrior Goddess Training
Warrior  Goddess Training Program (Sounds True)
Warrior Goddess Meditations (Sounds True)


Awaken Your Inner Fire book Spring 2017
Awakening Your Inner Fire Audio Program, Sounds True Spring 2017
The Soul of Intimacy book with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. Fall 2017
The Soul of Intimacy Audio Program with don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Sounds True Fall 2017

Shaman Lit project: an extensive book review of Toltec shamanic literature and beyond by Jim Morris, author of A Battle of Sorcerers

Tool-o-Rama: A comprehensive list of Tools and Practices and which books or programs they are taught in