May 22nd, 2020

Look where you are going

Let’s go for transformation and healing

Hello dear one,

We are not in trouble, we are in transformation.”

This morning I was blessed to watch the opening day of the Humanity Rising Summit. I had tears in my eyes for so many of the presentations; Jane Goodall, Lynne Twist, Vandana Shiva, Linda Tucker and so many other incredible people, including my friend Jim Garrison who convened and is hosting the summit.

One of the speakers, Lisette Schuitemaker, shared two nuggets that I want to pass on to you. First the quote: We are not in trouble, we are in transformation.

And the second, which she learned while riding a motorcycle: Look where you want to go, not at where you don’t want to go.

I also learned this riding horses as a young woman. Keep your eyes up and your body facing where you want to go, rather than looking at the ground or that obstacle coming up.

So the message for all of us:

Acknowledge the obstacle, and look where you want to go. We are in transition. And transitions are often messy.

Let’s keep shifting our perception, and our language. Let’s shift from disaster to opportunity. From judgment to discernment. From fear to respect. From individual to collective. From despair to presence. From separation to unity. From worry to warrior.

It takes visioning to see new possibilities, especially when we are afraid or confused. It takes creativity to change old paradigms. And this can be the most challenging when we can’t see what’s next or how to get from here to there.

There are two questions we must ask ourselves, over and over again: “What is my vision of a new future for myself and humanity?” And “What is my action to take?”

Let’s not strive to go back to “normal.” Let’s use this time to explore and learn how to relate to ourselves, each other, and our environment in healing, transformative, nourishing ways.

To expand our vision takes both guidance and being inspired, which is why I’d love you to join me in the Humanity Rising summit which started this morning. The first session was exquisite; below is the Facebook link to watch. I highly recommend watching Jim’s opening and Jane Goodall, and then if you want you can skip to the women’s circle which starts at 1:09 and is hosted by Lynne Twist.

The Humanity Rising Summit will be live from 8 am PT to 10 am PT, seven days a week, until the current pandemic is over (and probably beyond).

I’ll be presenting a Warrior Goddess panel along with six other women on Monday, May 25th; please join us! I feel deeply humbled to be part of such an amazing coming together of humans from around the world in the spirit of radical collaboration to explore the question: “what now?”

Join Humanity Rising


I’ll also do my best to stream the panel live to my Facebook page; but best to join so you can make sure to get the zoom link which will be the most trustworthy way to watch!

Humanity Rising Summit panel:

Courage and Compassion in Collaboration:

Creating Resilient, Creative, and Diverse Circles of Change

Monday, May 25th
at 8 am PT (Los Angeles), 11 am ET (New York), 4 pm BT (London)



And since we all can use more tools, I’m so happy to also share a beautiful offering from Sounds True: The Energy Healing Toolkit, a FREE digital sequence of practices from some of the most prominent voices in energy medicine.

Over the course of a week, you’ll receive a daily lesson and practice on how to engage your energetic body to help …

+ Process difficult emotions,
+ Summon a sense of peace in the face of adversity, and …
+ Ultimately develop the physical and emotional resilience needed to solidly weather challenging times …


Within The Energy Healing Toolkit you’ll also learn how to:

  • Cleanse physical tension with Donna Eden’s “A Morning Energy Routine to Remove Stress” 
  • Settle into appreciative presence with Iyanla Vanzant’s “An Awareness Exercise to Find Faith by Trusting the Divine” 
  • Activate the most important energetic junctions in your body with Robert Peng’s “A Qigong Practice to Awaken Your Three Qi Energy Centers” 
  • Step out of the shadow of chronic stress with HeatherAsh Amara’s “A Visualization Exercise to Shift Old Patterns Around Overwhelm” 
  • Invite vigor and abundance with Damien Echols’s “A Charging Water Practice to Attract More of What You Want”
  • Engage with and disperse anxious energies with Dawson Church’s “A Tapping Exercise to Lower Cortisol and Support Immunity” 
  • Break through bad habits with Lauren Walker’s “A Breathing Exercise to Interrupt Unresourceful Habitual Patterns”

Get Your Healing Energy Toolkit

We invite you to try these teachings on for size and see what works for you. Go at your own pace, keep an open mind, and use these tools to support you in daily life.

The New Moon is a time to plant new seeds and vision possibility. May these resources of the Humanity Rising Summit and the Sounds True Energy Healing Toolkit be a sacred support to you in these times.

We can do this. We were made for these times. And we have each other.

Here’s to creativity, resiliency, and community.